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Energy Saving Tips For Renters

Growing environmental concerns and the need to keep expenses down makes it important for every home to be energy efficient and rental homes are no different. You can make a big difference to your power consumption bill and save significantly on energy usage in your rental home by implementing a few good practices to ensure that energy is effectively conserved. There are a number of things you can do in your rental home to ensure proper saving of energy and efficient use of it in the house and some o the tips are as follows:


One of the easiest places to save energy is to overhaul your lighting system. Lights are used on a daily basis and can have a large impact on your overall energy consumption. Standard incandescent lights use energy inefficiently and replacing your most frequently used lights with Compact Fluorescent Lights or CFLs can have a significant impact on overall energy use. LED based lighting solutions can also be of great help as these lights will not only bring power bills down but also ensure efficient use of the consumed energy and last much longer.  This combined with the good practice of always turning off the lights when not in use can help you save considerably.


If you want to install an air-conditioning unit for your rental home you should consider getting one with a high energy star rating. Higher rated air-conditioning units tend to use less power and significantly reduce energy bills. You can ensure efficient functioning of your air-conditioning unit by making sure that there is no in-flow of outside air which can be achieved by properly insulating the area that you want to cool. All the doors and windows of your rental home should lock and fit tightly.


Purchasing an automatic thermostat is a great way to save energy. Newer models available in the market have advanced features which allow them to turn themselves off when you are no longer in the room. Also, getting a programmable thermostat allows you to get exactly the amount of heating you need which affects your overall energy consumption in a positive way.


Consumer electronic products account for a sizable percentage of energy usage in your rental home. Make sure that you switch off all appliances when they are not in use and unplug power adapters and battery charger from wall sockets when not in use.

Tips To Prepare Your Home For The Warmer Months

With the onset of warmer months all homeowners need to prepare their houses for the season. Property management companies in Killeen often recommend homeowners to take care of their houses and protect them from the seasonal changes. This not only extends the life of the house but also increases its potential value. Winters are usually harsh and stormy, so the weather takes a toll on your house.  So before the warmer months begin it is advisable to inspect your home and make sure that everything is intact and in a good shape. Here are some tips that can help you gear up your home for summers.

  1. Once winter is over you must inspect your home for any damages. Make sure that all the shingles of your roof are intact and any loose shingles should be tightened or replaced.
  2. The outer walls become dull and dirty so it pays to give a fresh coat of paint to your house. Painting the exterior walls definitely keeps your home look shining and new.
  3. Due to storms and rains in the winters the drains and gutters often get clogged with debris such as leaves and twigs. This can lead to corrosion and thus the drains and gutters should be cleaned. Blocked or loose gutters can cause leakage and seepage which can cause damage to the house.
  4. It is crucial to check any leakages as they may cause much damage to the walls. Also check your attics, water hoses, sink pipes and other water fittings for any leakages. Make sure that there is no damage due to frozen pipes and you must look out for any signs of corrosion. Hiring a property management firm in Killeen will ensure all tasks are done professionally and the life of your house in extended.
  5. Besides plumbing, you must also inspect your siding, caulking and window seals. Patch any cracks that may cause any damage and it is of utmost importance to check the grading from time to time.
  6. Before the summers become harsher you should get your HVAC system inspected and repaired. This system should be serviced at regular intervals and the filters be replaced if required. Make sure your home is properly ventilated and check the insulation so that no cold air is lost. 

For more guidance, you can consult a Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc, who can help you maintain your house in the best form.

Tips For Selling Your Home

Selling your home can be a long drawn-out and a complicated affair as there are a lot of things which must be kept in mind before and while getting your home ready for sale. With the fluctuations in the real estate market and the general trend of supply being usually more than the demand at any given time, selling your home can take some expert handling, the kind that you can get from a real estate company. Even when you find a real estate company you can trust to make the best decisions on your behalf the fortunes of your property rest primarily on your own shoulders. Following a few simple tips can be decisive in this matter and enable you to successfully sell your property with minimum hassle. Here are some important tips for your consideration:-

Getting your pricing right can be the most decisive factor in selling your home. The pricing of your home should be set right from the beginning as any fluctuations in it due to a lack of interest can have damaging results for your prospects and spark a negative opinion about your house. Make sure that the price you set is close to the appraised value of your property and sometimes it even pays to list your house at a less than appraised value as this sparks interest, and may end up bringing you a lot more for your house in way of competing bids.

Renovation and Remodeling
This is a facet of selling a house that people often tend to overlook or overdo. You need to make sure that you spend exactly the right amount on renovating your house before making it available for sale. This makes sure that the house gets all the renovation that it needs to be pleasant to prospective buyers, but not too much so that it becomes a major turn-off. You should take into account your renovation costs when setting the price for your house. Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc helps you in selling your house with all the points taken care of.

Using the Internet
The internet has now become the prime location for people who are looking to buy property. People looking to make a purchase nowadays use online property listings to compare different properties available.  Acquiring the services of an experiences realtor can be a great way to ensure that your house looks compelling in online listings and to arouse positive interest.

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