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Improve Curb Appeal To Attract More Tenants To Your Rental Home

When renting out your home, you must ensure that it looks extremely eye-catching to the prospective tenants. The appearance of the property, when seen from the streets will serve as its first impression. Most of the tenants may instantly make up their mind to visit a property, depending upon how it looks from the outside. So, it is important that your home looks welcoming to get potential tenants through the door.

There are numerous methods that you can apply to boost the curb appeal of your rental home

Clean up the mess Get rid of the debris in garage, patio or the lawn. The tenants would want to have a complete idea of the outdoor space they are going to get. A heap of magazines or newspapers, broken furniture items, scattered wood logs etc. may not leave a good impression on them. The exterior of your house should look fresh and clean just as the interiors.

Effective landscaping– A beautiful garden adds to the aesthetic beauty of your house. Adding greenery to the property will give a sense of peace to the tenants. Therefore, you must lay major emphasis on landscaping your property. For this you may-

  • Mow the lawns
  • Trim the over grown trees and bushes
  • Plant some flowers
  • Put some potted flowers on the entrance
  • Weed the grass and water it regularly
  • Remove the dead plants and bushes from the yard

Paint the exteriors – Painting the exteriors can revamp your property, try to opt for neutral colors instead of the exotic ones. You may also paint the sidewalks, stair railings and shutters. This will give your home a refreshing look and make it noticeable, even from the streets.

Make minute repairs – No matter how immaculate the interiors of your home are, if the exterior looks worn out, no potential tenant will consider visiting your property. Make sure that you fix all the drooping gutters, broken lighting fixtures, mail box, roof damage or impaired railings. You may also consider installing a new house number plate so that the potential tenants can easily find your home from a distance.

Light up the drive way - Proper lighting is imperative to boost the curb appeal as well as security. A well-lit drive way will attract the potential tenants who visit the property at night. You can even replace the broken light fixtures with solar lights to drive away the installation cost.

Add some outdoor furniture - You may place seating furniture, space saving tables and storage ottomans in the lawn. All these minute upgrades will help potential tenants to visualize the usable outdoor space.

Update the shutters and doors – It would be wise to replace the old garage shutters that generate annoying noise while opening or closing. You must also consider repairing the broken entrance doors.

Pressure wash the windows – Clean windows not only allow the light to enter into your house but also serve as an important factor in enhancing the curb appeal.  You can hire professionals to pressure wash the windows so that they look shiny and clean.

All the above mentioned measures will help your home to stand out from other properties available for rent. You may also consider hiring a property management company to help you in revamp the exteriors of your home.
We at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Company, Inc. provide complete assistance in renting residential properties in Killeen, TX. Our dedicated staff will guide and help you to enhance the curb appeal of your house to attract maximum potential tenants. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 - 7003, or visit us at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542.

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