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Renting Out Your Home This Summer

Summer is a busy season for landlords but prior planning is a pre-requisite before you set out to rent your home. Also, it is best to get in touch with a real estate agent if you want to prepare your home well and find the best tenants.

Below is a list of things you can do to prepare your home ready for rent this summer:

  • Call a home inspector: Your home needs to be thoroughly inspected to ensure that it is completely safe for the new tenants. Call a home inspector who can perform this task and also address any repair issues. Immediately act on the feedback provided by the home inspector regarding the driveways, gutters, electrical outlets etc.
  • Check your AC unit: No tenant would want an inefficiently working air conditioning system. Therefore, get your AC unit checked so that it functions optimally. Regular servicing of the unit is essential so that it does not pose any problems.
  • Pay attention to the sprinkler system: The winter season can be harsh on your sprinkler system and needs to be checked before you rent out your home. See to it that the sprinkler head and pipes are in good working condition. Fix any other problems such as water damage and uneven watering.
  • Enhance curb appeal: Landscaping your rental property is one of the best ways to attract high-quality tenants. Make sure all the trees and shrubs are properly trimmed. The flower beds should be neat and there should be no dead foliage in the garden. Clear out all the weeds and mow the lawn properly. Also, define the flower beds and have seasonal potted plants on walkways and driveways.
  • Ensure complete safety: It is imperative that your rental property is completely safe for your tenants. Your rental home should have smoke detectors, fire alarms and burglar alarms in place. A fire extinguisher should be installed on each floor of your home so that the tenants are fully prepared in case of any emergency. A safe home attracts more potential tenants as compared to other properties.
  • Hire a property management firm: Get your tenant sign a lease, before formally handing over the keys to him. It is best to hire a property management firm to handle all the issues related to the tenants and your rental property. The property managers perform all the tasks such as: tenant screening, responding to tenant queries, handling repair issues, collecting rent and dealing with tenant evictions etc.

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