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Photography Tips To Improve Your Rental Listings

Most of the potential tenants prefer to look at the online pictures of a property before deciding to visit it. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the impact that photographs can have on probable renters. You need not hire a professional photographer but putting up high-quality pictures in the online listings is a must.

Below are some photography tips that can help to improve your rental listings:

  • Use The Right Camera: High-quality photographs can only be taken from a good camera, so invest in one. The pictures must be clear and should be able to highlight your home’s best features. Buy a camera that has at least 5 megapixel resolution, so that your photographs come out well. Adding a tripod stand to place your camera can also assist in clicking good pictures of your rental property.
  • Tidy Up The House: Cleaning the clutter in your home before taking pictures is a must as it will add a professional touch to your photographs. Any kind of mess can distract the potential buyers from observing the actual features of the property. Try to put away all the extra items such as shoe racks, stacks of mails, tissue boxes etc. Also, make the bed, open the curtains, hide all the wires for a neat and clean look.
  • Click Pictures From Multiple Angles: Shoot all the rooms from different angles so that the potential renter can have a good idea about a specific space in your home. Take multiple shots from various positions and heights to highlight prominent features of your rental property. Don’t take too many pictures straight ahead as this can make your home appear smaller than it actually is.
  • Click Pictures In Optimum Conditions: Always highlight your rental property at its best so as to impress potential tenants. Pay attention to the light levels in your pictures as this can make or mar the photographs. For instance, avoid clicking pictures on a cloudy or rainy day as it will not display your property in the best state. Even the indoor pictures should be taken when the skies are clear and there is sufficient sunlight.
  • Take The Help Of Grids: A camera’s gridlines can be of great help while clicking pictures of the rental property. In order to get attractive photographs of your home, turn on the camera’s gridlines and try to improve the balance and perspective of every picture. This will assist you in achieving well-balanced pictures that highlight the best features.
  • Edit The Flaws: Even after taking everything into consideration, minor flaws may remain in your photographs. To rectify this, you can simply edit the pictures and crop out unnecessary area. Edit your photos to make them look appealing but stay truthful.

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