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Finding a Home on Rent With Pets: Quick Tips

Pets are much more than mere animals. They are family. Renting with these cute furry members of the family can be a bit tricky but there’s always a way around. Most property owners are a little wary of pets for genuine reasons. However, one can always win over their confidence and pave way for their pet to get accepted into the rental property.

Here Are Some Useful Tips For Tenants To Rent Property With Pets -

When your little pet is involved, you should not be in a hurry to choose a rental property. Take your time while doing research on animal-friendly listings online. Make use of social media to spread the word about your search for a pet friendly rental. Friends and family will surely chime in to help. Focusing exclusively on pet friendly rentals will save a ton of your time and energy. Never underestimate the value of research.

Pet Resume   
Create a positive resume for your pet. Highlight its best qualities and achievements. Paste its cutest and most adorable photo and don’t forget to mention what its good at. If your pet has earned any certifications, do make a mention of them to boost the chances of acceptance. The resume should also include updated information about your pet’s vaccinations. It would be great if your dog has had obedience training in the past. A mention that your dog is crate trained will surely bring a smile on the property owner’s face.

Reference From A Previous Home Owner
A letter of reference from your most recent home owner or neighbor can immensely increase your pet’s chances of getting into the good books of a prospective home owner.  A home owner will be pleased to know that your pet has lived in a similar environment without creating disturbance.

Signing A Lease
Always read the lease carefully before signing it. If you are looking for a pet friendly rental, don’t sign a lease with a ‘no pets’ clause, even if the property owner verbally acknowledges that your pet can stay. Before signing the lease, you can try and decide on the monthly pet fees. Also, keep a signed copy of the lease handy.

Pet Behavior   
If the property owner has agreed into letting your pet stay in the rental accommodation, it’s your responsibility to live up to their expectations. Make sure your pet does not violate any property rules. Fulfill its requirements in time to avoid meltdowns that could annoy neighbors. A happy property owner will be more than willing to renew your lease after it expires.

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