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Staging A Rental Home Before Showing

Staging a rental property helps in creating a great first impression. Potential tenants are more likely to rent a house in which they can imagine themselves living. The whole idea behind staging a property is to make the renters love what they see and yearn for it.

If you are considering to stage your rental property before showing it to potential tenants, here are some helpful tips:

  • Don’t Go Overboard
Never over do the staging. Keep it simple and real. Add an element of freshness and appeal to your bathrooms, kitchen, master bedroom and patio. These are the rooms tenants pay more attention to. Make use of fresh towels, indoor plants, rugs, end tables in the bedroom, planters in the patio etc.

  • Stick To Your Budget
You don’t have to spend more to make your rental property look stunning. Instead you should spend smart. Consider economical options like a smart combination of lamps, mirrors to make the space look larger and brighter, indoor plants, discounted accent pieces and so on.

  • Target Your Audience
Your style of staging the property should be in sync with the type of tenants you want to attract. You will have to do it differently for families, students, professionals etc.

  • Hire A Professional Home Stager
If you are not very sure as to how to go about staging your rental property effectively, get a professional stager to do it for you. At the end, it will definitely be worth the effort. You can then post professional photos and a virtual tour of your perfectly staged property on a listing website.

  • Colors And Decor
Avoid using bold colors and use neutral colors instead. Brighten up the space with pops of color in the form of throws and pillows. As far as the décor is concerned, make sure it is not very personal. The property should look inviting.

  • Get Rid Of Clutter
Clutter is notorious for making spaces look smaller than they actually are. Clearing clutter will instantly open up your rooms. Use furniture and items of décor sparingly and tastefully. Keep countertops clear and shove away all personal items.

  • Enhance Your Rental Property’s Unique Selling Points
Highlight the best parts of your property. These could be points like a fireplace, a unique bookshelf, a special piece of art and so on. Make use of strategic lighting to make such corners and pieces stand out.

  • Nice Smell
Infusing pleasant and refreshing smells on the day of showing your property to tenants is a major part of staging. Get rid of all nasty smells such as those of dampness, cigarettes, food items etc. You can repaint the house to get rid of old smells completely. Alternatively, you can light up scented candles on the show day.

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