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Advantages Of Buying A Townhome

Townhomes provide security, feeling of community, ease of maintenance and much more at affordable costs. Let’s take a look at some aspects of townhomes that make them a good choice for living:

  • Maintenance: The number one reason due to which many people love townhomes is that they have limited responsibility as far as maintaining them is concerned. The upkeep of the property is primarily that of the homeowner’s association. The same goes for manicuring the landscape. The cost for getting the landscape maintained is included in the association fees. Your duty is just to pay the fees in time.
  • Individualized Entry To Your Property: Even though the housing units are connected, everyone has an individual access to his/her property. As the owner of the townhome, you also own the land on which the home is constructed and any outdoor space that comes with it.
  • Myriad Amenities: Living in a townhome lets you enjoy a variety of amenities that you might not have access to otherwise. On payment of the homeowners association fees, you instantly get access to amenities such as gyms, party rooms, bike paths, playgrounds for kids, golf courses, meeting rooms, valet parking, concierge services, doorkeepers, etc. Some of them even have fancy upgrades like granite countertops, top-notch stainless steel appliances, eco-friendly materials, hardwood floors, etc.
  • Security: Townhomes are considered a much safer option than individual homes. Having neighbors on both sides and well-lit exteriors prevents incidences of thefts and burglary. Some townhouses even provide hired security services, restricted entrances and gated communities.
  • Good Locations: Most townhomes are strategically located near bus stops, schools, malls, public parks, food outlets, offices, hospitals, etc. Buying a single home in such locations can be a very expensive affair, however townhomes are quite affordable. So you get to enjoy the benefits of a good location along with the feeling of living in a house.
  • Overall Cost: The cost of living in a townhome is less as compared to that of detached homes. Due to the shared facilities these homes and their small sizes allow for lower renovation rates, shared cost of heating and cooling, etc., townhomes are a great option for anyone looking for a home on budget.
  • A Decent Investment: A townhome is a valuable investment too as it can easily be sold in future. It is easier to find buyers for townhomes as compared to other properties as they are affordable and enjoy the same rate of appreciation and amortization benefits like detached homes.

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