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Do's & Don'ts Of Living In A Apartment

Living in an apartment means you will be living in close proximity with people from different places and cultural backgrounds. You have to be empathetic to everyone’s feelings as everything you do will have an impact on those living near you. Following are some basic principles that should be followed by anyone living in an apartment:


  • Keep Everything Clean: Be mindful of the way you dispose off your garbage, manage your pet’s mess etc. Do your best to keep your apartment and its surrounding areas clean. 
  • Abide By The Time Rules: If there are any regulations regarding the timings of getting back into the apartment at night, be nice enough to adhere to them. Observing the rules is extremely important to maintain harmony with those around you.
  • Consider A Room-Mate: Share your expenses by getting yourself a room-mate if you are single. With a room-mate you can get yourself a pretty decent apartment at an affordable cost.
  • Inspect The Apartment: Before moving into an apartment, make it a point to inspect it thoroughly. This will serve two purposes; first, you can immediately point out something that you think is not right and get it fixed. Secondly, it makes moving out easier if you have proof of what the apartment looked like when you moved in.
  • Follow Lift Etiquettes: While using lifts in an apartment complex, be courteous enough to give other’s a chance to step into or out of the lift. Keep the lift clean.


  • Be An Annoying Neighbor: Be considerate of the feelings of those around you. Don’t be the neighbor everyone dreads and avoids. Instead be friendly, helpful and approachable. In addition to this, when living in an apartment, the best you can do for those around you is not cause any kind of interference to them in the form of noise, dirt, pets, cooking smells, etc.
  • Delay Reporting Problems: The faster you report any problems related to your apartment, the better it is for you and your property owner. These problems could be regarding electricity, water, pests, heating, cooling and so on.
  • Obstruct Common Property: Do not obstruct common property with your vehicle, plants, clothes, pets, garbage, etc. Respect everyone’s right to the common space in the apartment. 
  • Play Loud Music: Living in an apartment calls for being mindful of the noise/sounds that come from your apartment. This could be in the form of songs being played on a music system or a musical instrument that you love playing. Stick to the permissible limits of the apartment.

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