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Do's & Don’ts Of Decorating Your Rental Home In Fort Hood

After renting a home, you may feel the need to decorate or furnish it as per your requirements. Undoubtedly, adding your personal touch to a rental property is essential for making you feel comfortable at home. The right approach for decorating a rental home is to set a budget, stick to it, get property owner’s approval and follow any rules mentioned in your lease agreement.

Following are some tips to keep in mind when decorating your rental home:


  • Add Some Accessories: Spruce up your rental home with accessories such as rugs, cushions, curtains, plants, etc.
  • Upgrade The Kitchen: Invest in pretty and practical cabinetry for your kitchen. However, pay attention that the installation or removal of cabinets should not damage the walls. You can also use light fixtures such as pendant lights to make your kitchen look bright and stylish.
  • Add The Lighting: If your rental home looks dated due to dull lighting in the hallway, bedrooms or bathrooms, transform its look by investing in good, affordable and stylish lighting. You may choose from table lamps, floor lamps, wall lighting, etc.
  • Transform The Bathroom: Improve the look of a bathroom with low-cost upgrades such as a beautiful vase of flowers, some greenery, crisp and clean linens, beautiful soap dishes, replacing shower-heads, etc.
  • Add Art: If there is a “no-nails-in-the-wall” policy, improvise other ways of displaying your favorite pieces of art such as placing them against a wall, on a cabinet or mantel, on bookshelves and even on floors.
  • Replace Window Treatments: Opt for window treatments such as blinds, curtains or shades to transform and brighten rooms.


  • Install Permanent Fixtures: Do not install permanent fixtures in a rental house. It is possible that the property owner may ask you to remove it when you leave the rented house. Instead, install fixtures that are easy to take off and carry along to new places.
  • Use Wallpaper: Do not use wallpaper in a rental as it can be messy to remove it and may leave marks on the surface underneath. Instead of traditional wallpaper, you may opt for safer options such as paint stencils, decals, new peel-away wallpapers, etc.
  • Replace The Flooring: Do not tamper with the current flooring or replace it. If you do not like the floor, throw a beautiful rug on it instead or request your property owner for a replacement.
  • Drill Holes In The Walls: Do not drill holes in the rental as you may be asked to pay for fixing them at the time of moving out.

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