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Killeen TX Home Selling Process

Selling a home is a major decision that is sure to have a strong bearing on your financial situation. Understanding how the process works will help you in effectively managing your finances in the challenging present-day real estate situation. Here’s a look at the major steps involved in selling a home:

  • Choosing a realtor: With all the paperwork and legal implications involved in selling a house, choosing a real estate agent to assist you through the process should be the first step you take.
  • Setting a list price: The next important decision is that of the price you would like to list your home at in the real estate market. This is a critical step in the home-selling process, since a price that is too high could mean a draught of buyers, while setting the bar too low could mean putting yourself at a loss. Carrying out a comparative market analysis and hiring an independent real estate appraiser could aid you in making this decision.
  • Determining net proceeds: This includes calculating the amount of equity that you have built so far, based on factors like the balance on your mortgage and costs incurred during closing. Your realtor might recommend leasing your house until you build sufficient equity.
  • Listing agreement: This agreement is signed between you and your realtor, giving the realtor the right to sell your property, and determining how long you agree to list your house with the company.
  • Presenting your house for sale: How you present your home has a strong bearing on the kind of buyers you attract. You need to pay attention to details and depersonalize the house as far as possible.
  • Negotiation: Your real estate agent will notify you when an offer comes in, and it is at that point that you need to prepare a written negotiation detailing the terms of purchase for the prospective buyer.
  • Closing: The final, and in many ways most critical step in the home-selling process is that of closing the deal. Even though the entire process of closing the deal usually takes no more than an hour, it bears significant implications for both the buyer as well as the seller, which makes it important to consult your realtor before preparing the paperwork and verifications for this process. Once you handover your house keys to the buyers, that marks the end of the transaction.

Benefits Of Online Property Listings Killeen TX

The real estate industry has off late witnessed a revolution in terms of the way it is being marketed to prospective buyers and sellers. One trend that has really caught up in recent times is the online listing of property by real estate agents and marketers.

Prospective tenants who are looking for homes in Killeen Texas can really benefit out of this system where everything is carried out in a matter of few clicks. Read on to know more about what an online property listing system entails, and how it can be useful to both landlords and tenants.

  • Online property listing is a platform wherein the stakeholders get to advertise their properties online and reach out to a wide segment of people. It is a cost effective way of marketing your properties to audiences worldwide. Killeen Rentals
  • As a prospective tenant, if you are looking at options when it comes to homes for rent in Killeen Texas, you can view them all at one place. There is no hassle involved as you are not supposed to drive around and have a look at all the properties that are available to suit your requirements. Most of the real estate online listings today carry pictures of the actual property which can be of great help while you make your decision.
  • Another major advantage to be drawn out of online property listings is the quick response that you can get from the agents or landlords. All you are required to do is share your email ID and contact number, and the owner will get back to you in a short span of time. So any queries that you may have can be easily addressed without any wastage of time.
  • If you have previously availed houses for rent through the online platform, you become entitled to attractive discounts the next time you go to the same buyer. This is a win-win situation for both the parties involved. The sellers or landlords get the loyalty of customers which helps in building up goodwill, while the buyers or tenants can get the property of their choice at discounted prices.
  • Fixing up appointments with the agents to go and have an actual look at the property can also be done easily. You can connect with the realtors online and let them know about the date and time that suits you.
  • Online property listings are also accompanied by testimonials and feedbacks given by previous customers. These can be of great help when you sit on deciding which realtor can provide you with impeccable and trustworthy services.

Energy-Saving Tips For Renters

Contrary to common opinion, there’s a lot that you can do as a renter to save on the energy expenses in your rented accommodation, and increase energy efficiency. Along with saving energy and money, adopting some basic energy-saving tips can also help you to contribute your bit towards reducing global warming.

  • The easiest way to save energy is through the lighting in your house. Replace the light sources that you use most with energy-saving sources like CFLs (Compact Fluorescent Lamps), which can save up to 75% more energy than standard incandescent lights.
    You can save on the energy consumed by air-conditioners by fitting an a/c unit cover on the outside which helps to insulate the air conditioner, and hence prevent heat from escaping, which in turn prevents energy losses.
  • A programmable thermostat can help to regulate the temperature of your house even when you are asleep or outside. This can also help to conserve energy when you are on vacation or out of your home for a prolonged period. If you are looking for rental properties in Killeen it is a good idea to look for a house that already has a thermostat installed.
  • You can also conserve energy by taking steps to regulate the temperature of your house depending on the weather outside. For instance, you can open the windows to let the sunlight in during the winter, and use heavy drapes to keep your house cool during summer months.
  • Many household electronic appliances consume electricity even when they are not in use but plugged in. Turning off the main switches or unplugging these electronics can help to conserve electricity.
  • Try substituting a full bath with a shower whenever possible to save water, and hence electricity.
  • Wash full loads of laundry, and use cold water instead of warm, unless absolutely necessary. You can save up to 90% of energy by using cold water instead of hot in your washing machine! You can also conserve energy by preventing over-drying. A moisture-sensor can help to avoid over-drying by turning off the washing machine when the clothes are sufficiently drying.
  • You can also save water by scraping dishes instead of rinsing them with water before stacking them in the dishwasher.

For more energy saving tips, you can contact us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are a renowned property management company providing reliable and affordable services to the residents of Killeen and Fort Hood areas of Central Texas. For more details, visit us at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or (254) 290-4153.

Property Management Services In Killeen TX

Lone Star Realty has gone on to become one of the most trusted names in property management in Texas. With an experience of over 40 years in the business of property management, we know just what it takes to ensure that your property has the highest possible occupancy rate, and you get the rentals you deserve based on the current market value. Some of the major property management services provided by us are listed below:

  • Aggressive marketing: When a property is available in the market, we understand the need to find suitable tenants for it as soon as possible. With the intense competition in today’s real estate market, this is made possible only through aggressive marketing techniques including yellow pages, Fort Hood housing, and most importantly online marketing on multiple channels.
  • Maintenance coordination: Our tie-ups with the most reliable names in maintenance and repairs ensure that our clients get just what they need when they sign up for our property management services. These services are not just high in quality, but also affordable.
  • Intensive tenant screening- One of our most important roles as a property management company is to ensure that the tenants that we select are trustworthy and shall pay their rent on time. For this, we conduct a thorough tenant screening procedure, including criminal record check, income verification, identity check, etc.
  • Virtual tours- We believe in keeping our clients a step ahead, which is why we offer the innovative option of panoramic visual tours, whereby clients can look right into the house they are considering, without actually having to visit it.
  • Professional lease- Being a member of the TAA (Texas Apartment Association), we adopt their standard lease for all our tenants. This allows you, as the owner of the property, to be rest assured that all the necessary terms and conditions are included in this lease.
  • Streamlined owner payments- Thanks to our management software program, we have the provision for directly depositing owner payments into their accounts, eliminating the need for cumbersome follow-up by owners for their money. Owners also have the option of reviewing their financial statement online.
  • Regular inspections- We conduct routine inspections of all properties to ensure that the tenants are taking proper care of the property. In case of any damage found, we require residents to pay the amount required for repairs immediately.

To know more about the services offered by us, kindly visit us at Lone Star Realty. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Things To Consider Before Buying A Home

Investing your hard-earned money into buying a home is a very important step. It is one of the toughest financial decisions that you have to take as it has a bearing on your future as well. However, you need to take care of many aspects before you finally take the huge decision of buying a new home in Killeen TX.

Read on to know what all things you need to consider before buying a home:

  • One of the most important things that you need to keep in mind is the location of the property that you are going to buy. You must make sure that your new home is in an excellent and safe neighborhood. This is a very important aspect as once you have bought a home; you can change all the interiors but not your neighborhood. So, find the perfect location that is very easily accessible and has all the requisite public amenities nearby.
  • Before buying a house in Killeen, you must carefully check the site of the property that you are thinking of buying. Check out whether your home has a nice view, does it have the facility of a garden or yard and is it safe for kids etc. You must finalize a particular house only after seeing that it fulfills all your requirements.
  • Thirdly, you must buy a home that is in sync with your lifestyle. If you are someone who loves to have simple and contemporary looks in your home, then go in for a property that reflects your taste. For people who have an antique or classy style of living, it is best to buy a home that matches these traits.
  • Buying a home that is much bigger than your requirements will prove to be a heavy burden on your pocket. Therefore, if you do not need a big home, there is no need to buy one. Although a larger space will give you more freedom of space, it will also mean that you have to pay higher taxes as well as energy bills. Moreover, you will have to shell out extra money to decorate the interiors of the home. So, keep your budget as well as other requirements in mind.
  • You should be completely satisfied with the kitchen of the home that you are planning to buy. There is no point in buying a home where you have to redo the kitchen. The renovation can cost you a lot of money and can be a financial burden. So, do inspect the kitchen beforehand and finalize once you are happy with the way the kitchen has been done.
  • Last but not the least; it is important that a home has a good amount of storage space with lots of closets etc. So keep this point in your mind as well so that you do not face any storage problems later on.

For more information on, visit us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or (254) 290-4153.

Benefits Of A Home Inspection

When you decide to sell your home and place it in the market, you face stiff competition from other sellers as well. But remember that the number of buyers is limited and you must take professional help in order to market your home effectively. However, there are many other things that can be done to gain an upper hand in the market. Home inspection is one such thing that can prove to be beneficial for both, the buyer as well as seller. Read on to know the benefits of a home inspection…


  • As a buyer, home inspection can prove to be advantageous as it helps in taking the best home-buying decision.
  • Secondly, home inspection lets you know if there is any requirement of repairs or replacements before you actually buy a house.
  • When you completely check everything beforehand, there is a very less chance of getting any unwanted surprises later on.
  • The details of a home are revealed during home inspection. You can gauge the safety factors as well as completely check all the components and systems. You can also see the maintenance issues and also recommend any other renovation, if required.
  •  When you get a professional property management company to do the home inspection for you, they might also provide you the benefit of free consultation. Therefore, choose a reputable firm that gives optimum services in this area.


  • As far as pre-sale inspection is concerned, it also has many advantages associated with it. First and the foremost benefit is that any kinds of repairs or renovations can be easily determined beforehand. So, you can get the improvements done on time before going in for the final selling process.
  • Pre-sale inspection ensures that you get the best price for your home. The sellers have to take less of a headache in finding the right buyer. The process is smoother and the final price obtained is very close to the listing price.
  • You can show the inspection reports to the buyer and assure him about the good condition of your house. This can also lead to a reduction in the price negotiations during the actual selling process. An inspection report gives you an edge over other properties that might not have such a report available for them.

Steps To Invest In Real Estate

Getting started with real estate can be challenging and exciting at the same time. As you begin this journey, you need to have some basic groundwork intact. If done smartly, real estate has all that it takes to make smart money without actually doing much, but mess it up, and you are doomed! Real estate is all about making the right choices, and these simple guidelines tell you how to go about it-

  • Educate yourself on real estate- Educating yourself on the subject is the number one step to investing wisely in real estate. Read and research a lot until you have all the answers you need. Interact with people who have been in the trade, and just make sure you know exactly where you are headed.
  • Choose your niche- With the multitude of options to choose from in real estate investing, it is important for you to choose what you want to specialize in and focus on it. Right from residential property to commercial real estate, you have a lot to choose from in the Fort hood region. You also need to have a clear strategy of how you plan to make money from your investment- rentals, wholesaling, buy and hold etc.
  • Start finding your property- Once you have a clear plan in mind, make attempts to materialize it. For instance, if you plan to invest in Ft Hood housing, you need to go out and look for the perfect property that fits in your budget and meets your needs. You could use the help of a real estate agent for this, or could opt for other methods like buying from wholesale dealers, direct mail, etc.
  • Arrange for your finances- You don’t need to be a millionaire to get started with real estate investing. In fact, when done smartly, the real estate business is all about using other people’s money to make your own money. Evaluate all your options, right from bank loans and credit unions to private lenders, to choose the one that suits you best.
  • Create a marketing strategy- Selling is just as important a part of real estate marketing as buying is. You need to master the skill of effectively marketing your real estate investments and generate cash from them.

For efficient and affordable residential property management services in Texas, visit us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or (254) 290-4153.

Buy New House Or An Old One?

Owning a beautiful house finds mention in the wish list of all. But when you take the big decision of finally buying a home for yourself in Killeen Tx, the big question that arises is whether you should buy a new house or an old one? Read on to know the pros and cons of both and decide accordingly.

  • If you are buying an old house, then you must be prepared to deal with the little repair work and other similar adjustments to renovate your house. However, if you are not keen on doing any of this work, then buying a new home is a better option.
  • Secondly, old homes usually have well manicured lawns and the backyard is fully developed with mature trees and beautiful landscaping. However, this might not be in case of a new home.
  • You must hire a realtor to find out a property for you depending on your needs and requirements. If you are considering buying an old home, make necessary checks whether all the appliances and systems are working well without. After all, you will be giving extra charges for the facilities that you are being provided.
  • An old home will have features such as window treatments and a security system etc. You do not have to worry about adding these aspects to your home. But if you plan to buy a new property, then you will have to add these features on your own. So, keep this factor in mind.
  • The changes in land-use patterns have led to a reduction in the land that is being allotted to newer homes. Therefore, if you have a longing for large spaces, going in for older homes will be a better option.
  • The older the home, older will be the locality. So depending on your location preference, you must buy an old or new home. If you are comfortable with a contemporary lifestyle and surroundings, you must buy a new home.
  • Some people are interested in buying an old home so that they can expand and modernize it according to their preferences. So, if you are also one of them, then go in for an older home and turn it into the house of your dreams with your unique ideas.

Keep all the above factors in mind to arrive upon a decision of buying a sleek new home or an old vintage property.

For more information on, visit us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or (254) 290-4153.

How To Rent Out Your House

Renting out your home in Fort Hood can prove to be an additional source of income. It can help you pay the mortgage expenses as well as cover up other expenditures too. However, you need to take care of certain things before you decide on to get the rental income from your housing property. Read on to know…

  • Renting a house can be a challenging task. Though renting your property in Fort Hood can prove to be financially beneficial, you need to make an extra effort to see that everything runs smoothly without any hiccups. You will have to take care of every aspect of the maintenance of your home and also see that you collect the rent on time. This is where Property Management Company can be quite beneficial.
  • Before you rent out your home, make sure that it is in a perfect condition. It is always good to exceed the expectations of tenants as they will properly review your home before they agree to have it on rent. Therefore, check that your home is perfectly cleaned and all the appliances are working properly.
  • If you are thinking of renting out a particular area or room in your home, make sure it is secured from the rest of the house. The elements of the home should not interfere with this area otherwise the tenants will get irritated and might leave the home.
  • You can list you rental ad online and highlight the special features to attract potential tenants. But use only those terms that are applicable to your home and do not try to fool the tenants. Even newspapers and local places can also be used to put up your rental ad.
  • There are particular times during the year when renters plan to shift homes. This period generally extends from March to August. So, make sure that you place your rental ad keeping this factor in mind.
  • Get in touch with real estate agent, property management company or real estate attorneys to make sure that you are not violating any of the local tax laws and rules regarding the property. This will help in avoiding any legal hassles later on. The owner-tenant laws will be much clearer to you once an attorney explains them to you in an easy language.
  • Setting up a competitive price for your rental home can attract more tenants. The price should neither be too high nor too low.
  • Screen the tenants carefully and also check their financial status to see if they can pay their rent on time. Get in touch with a realtor or a property management firm to guide you in the whole process.


Benefits Of Using A Property Management Company

The decision of whether or not to hire a property management company for your rentals can be a difficult one to make. While it might seem as an unnecessary expense at first sight, the truth is that it is a great decision, and one that definitely pays off in the end. If you have a rental property in Killeen, you can get some great property managers to handle all issues related to your property. The major benefits of using a property management company for Killeen rentals are highlighted below-

  • Saves on your time- The best thing about hiring a property manager is that you have all your time back, and can utilize it for whatever purpose you wish. If, on the other hand, you were to take care of all property-related issues on your own, this would mean having to be available round the clock, leaving you with no time for any other resourceful job.
  • Timely rent payments- Another major benefit of hiring a property management company is that you do not have to worry about delayed rent payments. If a tenant defaults on their rent payments, the property manager shall be responsible for following up with them and ensuring that lease policies are enforced if they do not make the payments.
  • Choosing tenants- As the owner of rental property, the single most important decision you shall have to make is that of choosing the tenants. A property management company can help you out with this, by conducting a background check on prospective tenants, and ensuring that whoever is let into your property is reliable and has a positive track record.
  • Extended-stay tenants- Decreasing tenant turnover is a major role played by property managers. With managing your property being their full-time job, they are able to devote the necessary time to the task, ensuring that your tenants remain happy with the property, and renew their lease after the lease period is completed.
  • Round the clock availability- By hiring a property manager, you save yourself from the hassle of being available at all times to receive and handle complaints by tenants. This is especially useful in case of unforeseen circumstances like the property being broken into, or any sort of damage taking place on the property.

If you wish to enjoy all the perks of being a property owner, without having to worry about the aspect of property management, a property management company is your best bet. For more information, visit us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or (254) 290-4153.

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