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Why Duplex Is A Better Housing Option In Ft. Hood?

If you are looking to rent or buy a home in Ft. Hood, you need to consider many aspects such as your budget, style of living and space requirements. You have an option to choose between living in an apartment or a duplex. A duplex is simply a home divided into two apartments, each having a separate entrance. Living in a duplex is a better and convenient option because of the following reasons:

  • Outdoor space: A duplex has a common outdoor space at the back as well as the front side, which may be equally partitioned between you and the other tenant. This space can be used to spend leisure time or host outdoor parties. You also have an option to maintain this space as your personal vegetable garden.
  • Affordability: Renting a duplex is cheaper as you can share the rent with other tenant living in the property. Also, you will have to pay only for electricity and gas consumed in your portion of duplex. You also don't have to pay any monthly maintenance charges that need to be paid in case you reside in an apartment.
  • Additional income option: In case you are buying a duplex, you have an option to let out one portion of your house while residing in the other one. This is possible because a duplex can be partitioned into two apartments with different entrances. In this way, you will be able to earn some money in the form of rent while residing in the same house. In case you have taken a loan for purchasing the duplex, you can easily pay off the installments with the rent received.
  • Less sharing: When residing in a duplex, you have to share less as compared to living in an apartment where you have to share all the amenities like kitchen, garage, garden and barbeque pits. In case of a duplex, you can have your own driveway, garage and many other basic amenities.
  • Personalization: In a duplex, you can personalize your portion as per your requirements and living style. A duplex is more spacious than an apartment where little can be altered or modified as per your preferences. Since a duplex also offers more privacy, it is considered as one of the best housing options in Ft. Hood.

If you are looking for a housing option in Ft. Hood, TX, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We can be reached at (254) 699 – 7003.

Features Every Fort Hood Rental Home Should Have

As a landlord, you should understand that tenants look for various features while viewing your property in Fort Hood, TX. A rental home with all the necessary amenities will definitely stand out from the crowd. It will not only help you find quality occupants but also augment the value of your rental home.

Listed below are a few features that tenants look for in a rental home:

  • Good location and neighborhood: A home with an easy access to transportation, schools, parks, shopping malls etc. is in great demand. Having a property in good location can help to reduce vacancy cycles and increase your ROI manifold.
  • Outdoor space: Having a backyard, balcony or a patio in your rental home can help your quote a premium rent. It will also attract more potential tenants towards your property. A home with a garage or dedicated parking space is also preferred by most tenants. 
  • Low crime rate: Tenants prefer to stay in a location that is safe and crime free. Your rental property should have all the security arrangements such as proper outdoor lighting, smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency exits etc.  to ensure safety of the residents.  
  • Well maintained rental home: If your property is well-maintained and equipped with the basic electronic appliances, it is likely to be occupied quickly. You can even renovate your home to improve its visual appeal. 
  • Appropriate rent: You should thoroughly research the real estate market to set an appropriate rent. Make sure the price is neither too high nor too low as it can affect the rentability of your property. 
  • Pet friendly: Most of the tenants have pets these days. So, having a pet friendly property can be beneficial as it can help to find occupants quickly.  For this, you may consider adding features like scratch-resistant flooring, easy to clean upholstery, higher fences in yard etc.
  • Other amenities: You can improve the chances of renting your property by providing a wide range of amenities for the convenience of the tenants. Modular kitchen, electrical fixtures, fireplace, extensive storage space etc. are some of the features that can improve the value of your rental home.  

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., provide a wide range of rental homes in Ft Hood. For more information about the services offered, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Virtual Tour Benefits For Killeen Home Owners

As a landlord, you need to promote your property effectively in order to attract maximum tenants. You have to utilize the most effective advertizing channels and determine the correct rent for your property. One of the most useful marketing tools for landlords is virtual tour. Since videos easily catch attention and generally have a higher retention rate, they can help to speed up the renting process.

In order to make a good virtual tour video, you need to use a professional camera and shoot the video in sufficient natural light. Highlight the important areas of your home along with the amenities that you intend to provide. You can also give the potential tenants a fair idea about the locality and surroundings by taking a few shots of the street and nearby houses.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of virtual tour for landlords:

  • Offers a wide exposure: A video tour offers a good amount of exposure for your rental property and can help to grab the attention of prospective tenants. When you post a virtual tour of your property in the online listings, users are able to view the home more closely and decide if they want to schedule a visit. Interested tenants can take a prompt action after watching the details of a property in the virtual tour.
  • Highlights the positive features: Making a video of your property can help you in presenting your property in a positive manner. However, you need to ensure that you show only those amenities or features which you are actually offering to the tenants. You can highlight the furnished bedroom, a well landscaped garden, contemporary kitchen etc. Video tour will also give tenants an idea about the floor plan and approximate size of each room.
  • Saving your precious time: Virtual tours help in sifting out uninterested tenants and bringing in only those who genuinely want to rent your property. This can save your time by avoiding unnecessary showings. Since a lot of information can be provided through virtual tours, the tenants who visit your property may actually be knowing what to expect inside the property when they come for actual showing or open house.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can help you create a virtual tour to rent out your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Tips To Successfully Manage Your Killeen Rental Home

Renting out your home in Killeen, TX is only a part of a successful real estate business. You need to keep the property well-maintained to ensure a consistent flow of income and make your renting experience hassle-free as well as profitable. Knowing how to effectively advertize your rental property and avoid tenant turnover is the key to be a successful landlord. Apart from these, you should also follow certain tips to successfully management your rental home in Killeen. Some of these have been discussed below:

Keep Up With Property Maintenance

As a landlord, your responsibility does not end simply by renting your home. You need to make sure that the tenants are not facing any sort of problems and are able to live comfortably throughout the duration of the lease. For this, you should regularly inspect the rental home to identify anything that needs to be repaired. Also, if a tenant submits a maintenance request, you should be proactive in attending to the same.

Be Cautious While Screening Tenants

Finding the right people to rent your home is also a crucial aspect of managing your property. Make sure the tenants you select are responsible and trustworthy. Conduct a thorough background check, income and credit rating verification on each applicant. Get in touch with the tenant’s employer and previous landlord to know about his general conduct as well as any history of eviction. Make sure you follow the fair housing laws while screening tenants and do not discriminate them on the basis of race, sex, ethnicity, disability etc.

Get Landlord Insurance

Getting landlord insurance is important to protect your investment property from unforeseen damages. It covers the repair costs in case your rental home’s structure is damaged due to fire, water pipe burst, hailstorm, vandalism, riots etc. Discuss your requirements with the insurance agent to select the right type of policy for your rental home in Killeen.

Outsource Property Management

If you live outside Killeen or have other full time accountabilities, it is best to hire a property manager. He will perform all tasks on your behalf, such as marketing the rental property, screening tenants, performing repair work, collecting rents etc. The property manager will also keep you updated about all the financial transactions related to your rental home.

For complete property management services for your rental home in Killeen, TX, get in touch with Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We can be contacted at (254) 699 – 7003.

Step By Step Guide To Selling Your Killeen Home

If you are planning to sell your home in Killeen, TX, you may face a lot of challenges. It is important that you make your property stand out in the real estate market. It will not only help to attract potential buyers but also augment the value of your property. However, you should also be careful about certain aspects that are crucial for a quick sale of the house.

Listed below is a step by step guide to sell your home in Killeen:

  • Prepare your home for sale: Your home should be well maintained and clutter free to make a good first impression on the potential buyers. Repainting the house can also enhance its visual appearance. The lawn should be mowed and fresh flowers should be planted to improve the curb appeal. Pressure wash the driveway and sidewalks to remove any stains.
  • Fix the price: After preparing the house for sale, it is essential to decide an appropriate selling price in line with the current market conditions. Make sure the price is not too high as this can reduce the probability of selling your property. On the other hand, setting a lower price can lead to financial losses. So, research the market carefully and fix an apt resale value.
  • Advertize the property: In order to reach out to maximum buyers, it is important to advertize your property effectively. Post high quality pictures and detailed descriptions of your home in online MLS listings. This can boost the chances of selling the property faster. Your real estate agent can help you advertize the property in an efficient way.
  • Prepare the legal agreement: Another important step is to prepare the legal agreement. Make sure you include all the important clauses regarding the actual sale price, initial deposit and any repair work to be done before closing the deal. If you have queries regarding any point in the agreement, you should clear it out with the real estate agent.
  • Be flexible in showings: The more accessible you make your property, higher will be the chances of selling it faster. You should be flexible in scheduling visits by the potential buyers so that your home gets maximum exposure. If possible, leave the home at the time of showings and let the buyers inspect everything freely.

Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. offers complete guidance in selling your home in Killeen. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Dos And Don’ts For Pet-friendly Rental Homes In Killeen

Adopting a pet comes with a major set of responsibilities, particularly if you are living in a rental home. Since pets can be a source of unwanted mess and trouble, you need to ensure they do not cause any harm to the property or your neighbors. Below are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed by tenants living in a pet-friendly rental home in Killeen, TX.


  • Adopt the correct pet: If you are still looking to adopt a pet, it is best to pay some attention to this aspect before making the final decision. For instance, do not get a dog that is large in size or aggressive in nature. Your landlord may also not approve of such a pet in his home. Therefore, buy a pet according to the guidelines laid down by your landlord.
  • Get a renter’s insurance: Getting a renter’s insurance policy helps in protecting you from any sort of damage or injuries caused by your pet. Include pet liability coverage in your insurance policy to validate that you are willingly taking up the responsibility for your pet’s behavior. This, way, your landlord will know that you are a responsible tenant who will keep the rental home properly maintained.
  • Make your home safe for the pet: Make sure the rental home is completely safe and comfortable for your pet. For example, there should be no visible wires or toxic plants that can harm the pet. The material of the floor is another consideration to be kept in mind as certain types of flooring may not be comfortable for the pet.


  • Hide anything from your landlord: Never keep a pet in your rental home if your lease agreement does not allow you to do so. Also, do not bring in prohibited pets inside the home as this is a breach of your rental contract. If you hide anything from your landlord, he has the authority to keep your security deposit or even evict you.
  • Choose a rental home not perfect for your pet: When looking for a pet-friendly rental home in Killeen, you need to find the one that suits your pet the best. Use various search tools and visit different neighborhoods to decide on your preferences.
  • Fail to clean up after your pet: Do not let your dog be a nuisance for your landlord or neighbors in any way. Make sure you clean up every time after your pet to maintain sanitation in as well as around the home.

Contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. if you are looking for a pet friendly rental home in Killeen, TX. For details about the rental services provided, you can call at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Tenant Screening FAQs: Ft Hood Housing

The importance of tenant screening cannot be negated while renting a house in Ft. Hood. As a landlord, you need to conduct a thorough background check of your potential tenant to ensure he is suitable for your property. Tenant screening is also imperative to verify the financial record of the tenant. Below are some commonly asked questions regarding tenant screening:

Q: Why is it crucial to screen tenants?
A: Thorough screening is important so that you are able to find a tenant who is responsible, pays the rent on time and does not cause any trouble for the neighbors. However, to ensure that your tenant screening results are fair and reliable, you need to follow a pre-planned approach. You should also strictly follow the laws and make sure you do not discriminate between the applicants based on their color, religion or sex.

Q: What are the best ways to screen a tenant?
A: One of the simplest ways to get details of a prospective tenant is to make him fill out a rental application form consisting of essential information such as employment history, social security number, license number, history of evictions or bankruptcy etc. It is also imperative to contact his past employer and landlord to verify the information provided in the form.

Q: Is it mandatory to have a rental application in writing?
A: Although it is not essential to have a written application, going by just an oral agreement can be a risky proposition. You need to have a written proof of the information provided by the tenant. This can also be used as evidence in case you reject the tenant at a later stage.

Q: What types of discriminations are against the law while choosing a tenant?
A: According to Fair Housing Laws, you cannot reject an applicant based on his race, culture, ethnic background, disability or sex. You are free to choose a tenant but it should always be in compliance with the laws. For instance, you can reject a tenant if he does not comply with your occupancy policy and has more family members than you would allow in your rental unit. This is a health and safety concern as well as a fair reason to reject the application.

Q: What is the procedure to obtain a credit report?
A: Credit report is one of the most important means of conducting a background check on any tenant. In order to get a credit report, you will need information such as the tenant’s name, address and Social Security Number. The Individual Taxpayer Identification Number (IITN) can be used in the absence of Social Security Number. You can visit the website of a prominent credit bureau to get the report.

For more tips assistance on screening tenants for your rental house in Ft. Hood, TX, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We can be reached at (254) 699 – 7003.

Ways To Boost Your Home’s Resale Value

In a competitive real estate market, the best way to get the optimum value of your property is to make it attractive for the buyers. The overall appearance and amenities offered in the property should adequately justify the asked price. Therefore, you need to do a thorough planning and carry out certain renovation tasks to make a worthy home selling transaction.

Here are some tips that can help to boost your home’s resale value:

  • Make all repairs: Inspect the house and mend everything that looks broken, chipped or worn out. Take a look at the floorings, bathrooms, kitchens, curtains, staircases and bedrooms. Repairing things that are not functioning properly is a good investment as it assures buyers that they are getting a well-maintained home.
  • Clean up well: Deep cleaning is a very good way to ensure your home attracts maximum buyers. You can hire professionals to remove all the dirt and grime. Also pay attention to the gardens, garage and backyard as buyers usually inspect these areas to see if the house has been maintained.
  • Get a fresh paint: Freshly painted walls make your home look fresh and clean. Choose neutral colors like grey, white or cream so that the rooms look spacious. Not just indoors, but the outdoor areas also need a touch up. Paint or polish the main door to make it look welcoming.
  • Invest in the garden: If you have a garden, it provides a good opportunity to impress buyers. Get landscaping done, prune the grass, trim the hedges and add accessories like chairs or benches to give your garden a warm look.
  • Enhance curb appeal: Make the best first impression by improving the home’s entrance. Give the door a fresh paint, adorn with accessories and clean up the walkway so the buyers are more interested in viewing the property from inside.
  • Depersonalize the space: Remove all your personal belongings like photo frames or accolades from the home so the buyer can have a closer look. Keep the pets away so they do not make the buyer uncomfortable at the time of showing.
  • Accentuate the highlights: Certain areas like a fireplace, staircase, open kitchen, terrace etc. should be highlighted by cleaning well and enhancing their usability. Make sure you mention these features when you advertize your home or meet these buyers. This will make your property stand out from the rest.
  • Hire a professional: Property managers have the necessary experience required to make your home look nice and inviting. They can inspect your home and suggest the improvement tasks that can increase the resale value of the property.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can assist you in selling your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Questions To Ask When Renting A Home In Killeen

As a tenant, you need to finalize a rental property that perfectly complements your lifestyle and gives you the much desired peace of mind. The home you rent should be well-maintained, close to your workplace and have an easy access to all the basic amenities. Therefore, it is important on your part to conduct a comprehensive research before deciding on the location and specific property you want to rent.

Listed below are some questions that you need to ask when renting a home in Killeen:

What are the terms and conditions of the lease agreement?

You need to be completely sure about all the terms and conditions specified in the lease agreement. Do not hesitate in clarifying any point that you do not understand or find doubtful. Ask questions pertaining to security deposit, how it will be utilized and how much of the amount is refundable.

Can I make any changes in the interiors?

You need to check with your landlord if you will be allowed to hang personal photographs or mementoes on the walls. Also, many landlords do not allow the tenants to renovate the rental property. So, if you want to paint the walls in your preferable color, it is better to ask the landlord about it before signing the rental agreement.

Who will pay for immediate repairs?

Emergency maintenance and repair issues may arise while you are residing in the rental property. These may include, appliance breakdown, water leakage, drainage problem etc. You need to confirm from the landlord as to who will be responsible for the cost of such repairs. This should be clearly specified in the rental agreement.

What all amenities are included in the rent?

It is important to ask the landlord if all utility bills are included in the rent amount. In most of the cases, the landlord pays the water and sewerage charges. So, you need to know beforehand what all charges you are or aren’t liable to pay during the tenancy period.

Are there any additional maintenance charges?

The tenants are required to pay maintenance charges every month. However, if you have any doubts, it is best to consult your landlord and confirm about the payment of these charges. You also need to be aware about the liabilities for the payment of any major repair or maintenance work in the house.

What security measures have been installed?

You need to know what all security measures have been installed by your landlord. Check if there are CCTV cameras installed and a security guard is appointed in the locality. You can also talk to people residing in the vicinity to know about the crime rate in the area.

If you are looking for a rental home in Killeen, TX, consider Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Dos And Don’ts Of Staging Your Rental Home

When you list your home for rent, there are some tips which can help you get more inquiries and quality tenants.  These ideas are not difficult to implement and do not require a major investment of time as well as money. Creating effective first impression is the key to fetch a higher rent, hence you must follow the listed dos and don’ts when staging your rental home:


  1. Clean up- The first step is to thoroughly clean your home before the showings. Make sure the kitchen and bathrooms are scrubbed properly. Not just the interiors, even the garage and garden need to be maintained well so that the tenants feel welcomed.
  2. Focus on the entrance- The entrance of your home should seem inviting to the potential tenants. Wash the driveway as repair or replace any cracks. Mow the lawn and trim the overgrown shrubs on the roof. Consider placing potted plants or blossoming flowers near the front door. You should also replace the mailbox and doorknob if they seem to be worn out.
  3. Highlight well- Make the positive aspects of your home shine out during showings. For example, if there is space under the staircase, turn it into a comfortable reading lounge so the tenants are attracted by the utilization of the vacant space.
  4. De clutter- Remove all the bulky furniture, artifacts and unnecessary items to create space for the tenants to easily move around. If the home looks cluttered, the tenants are more likely to be drawn away.
  5. De-personalize- Remove your personal pictures and souvenirs from the walls so the tenants can have a better view of the property. If the walls have posters or there are big statues, it is best to remove them to give the home a cleaner look.


  1. Do major renovations: It is fine to get the leaky taps fixed or repainting the walls but if you go about making major renovations, it is possible that they may not be liked by the potential tenants. Also, these improvements may not lead to a significant increase in the rent of your home.
  2. Take anything personally: If you have had a couple of showings and tenants give you some feedback about your home, take it in a positive spirit and try to fix the issues.
  3. Be shy to take help: There are professional property managers who can help to stage your rental property for tenants. You must seek their assistance as they can handle the process in a professional manner.

Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. can help you rent your home in Killeen, Texas. For more information about our services, call at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

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