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Tips For First Time Landlords

Being a landlord can be a personally and financially rewarding investment. However, there are a lot of things to prepare for before you take up this new job. A well-planned strategy and complete dedication is the key to a successful renting business. In the absence of any prior experience, there are higher chances of making certain mistakes that can cost you in the long run. It is better to hire a property management company to ensure a better handling of the different aspects related to home renting.

Given below are some tips that can help first time landlords rent out their homes efficiently:

Know Your Responsibilities

Before you even plan to rent your home, you must understand and be willing to bear the responsibilities that come along. Right from advertizing your property to the potential tenants to ensuring that they stay comfortably throughout the lease duration, you need to take care of multiple aspects. You should also stay updated with the landlord-tenant laws and Fair Housing Act that prohibits you from reject any tenant on the basis of religion, race, color, nationality, disability or gender. All the laws should be followed to avoid any legal complications later on.

Buy Insurance

Another important step is to buy a home insurance policy that covers your rental property. It will help you to protect yourself against any financial liabilities in case the home gets damaged due to fire, water pipe leak, vandalism, hailstorm etc. The cost of insurance may depend upon the property’s location, type and coverage included. You can also require your tenants to buy renters insurance before moving in.

Price It Right

Setting the right price for your rental home will help to increase its demand in the market. Potential tenants may browse through the online MLS listings and compare a number of available properties to shortlist the suitable ones. If you ask for a too high or low rent, it may be perceived as a red flag and draw away the tenants. To avoid this, you should conduct an in-depth analysis of the market trends and rent of similar properties. This will help you to determine the right price for your home.

Decide The Amenities You Want To Include

Prepare a list of all the amenities that you will be providing to the tenants. These may include furniture, electrical appliances, HVAC system etc. Also decide if the monthly rent includes the maintenance and utility charges or they have to be borne by the tenants. Amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable, security alarms, well-maintained lawn etc. can help to increase the rentability of your property.

Stage Your Home

Improve the visual appearance of your rental home before inviting the potential tenants for a visit. Thoroughly clean the driveways, mow the lawn, replace rusty door knobs and steam clean the carpets. Inspect the home to see if anything needs to be repaired, such as a leaky faucets or faulty electrical fittings. Remove unnecessary furniture and include only those appliances that you intend to provide in the rental home.

Screen Tenants Properly

Renting your home to the right people is important to ensure a consistent income and keep your property well-maintained. Therefore, you should conduct proper tenant screening to evaluate of the applicant is suitable for your search criterion. Check his income, employment history, criminal background, past rental record etc. You can also get in touch with the tenant’s previous landlord to know about his general conduct and punctuality in rent payments.

Pay Attention To The Lease Agreement

The lease agreement should clearly mention all the terms and conditions to be followed by the tenant. Important details such as rent amount, security deposit, tenancy duration, pet policy, occupancy limits, maintenance liabilities etc. should be included in the contract. Also mention the due date for rent and the circumstances in which eviction procedures can be initiated. Make sure that the lease agreement is understood and duly signed by both the parties.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can help to rent your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Questions You Must Ask Your Potential New Tenants

Tenant screening is necessary if you want to be careful about who is going to live in your property. It helps you to get a background check of your prospective tenant so you can rule out the people who do not match your expectation. A number of questions can be asked to interview the interested renters either on phone or in person before you take them to visit your property. Listed below is a set of questions you must ask from your potential tenants:

Q: Why Are You Moving?
It is important to look for legitimate reasons like the tenant wishes to stay closer to work or he likes the neighborhood. If he complaints about disputes with the former landlord, you might want to know the reason behind it.

Q: Where Did You Previously Live?
If the tenant is moving within the same locality, expect a positive answer like the landlord is making repairs or the lease has ended. If that is not the case, he may be moving in because of a job transfer or he has shifted from his parent’s house. If he was evicted due to a dispute, look for another tenant.

Q: Where Do You Work?
Knowing where your prospective tenant works can give you a fair idea about his ability to pay. A tenant working in a reputed firm may be financially more secure compared to those having an unstable job.

Q: Can I Get A Reference?
A reference from the tenant’s current or previous landlord and his employer can be helpful. While the former landlord can describe his rent paying habits and the way he keeps the property, a reference from the employer can give you an idea about his job security.

Q: When Will You Move In?
If the tenant plans to move in after 2 or 3 months, you will be incurring a loss of rent for those months. There is no point in keeping your property vacant when you can find other tenants. If he is in a hurry to move in, make sure he has some positive reasons to explain his urgency like a new job or a sudden transfer.

Q: Are You Bringing Your Family?
According to your state laws and insurance policy, there may be a ‘two people per bedroom rule’. If the tenant wishes to bring his family along, ask about the total number of people. You can ask for a higher security deposit for bigger families to cover up for the wear and tear.

Q: Will You Be Able To Pay The Security Deposit And First Month’s Rent?
The tenant should be able to pay the security deposit and a month’s rent in advance. If your tenant gives a positive answer, you will know that he is financially stable. In case he hesitates, you can expect a delayed rent every month.

Q: Do You Smoke?
If you have a no smoking policy and your prospective tenant smokes, you can either ask him to do it off property or find another tenant.

Q: Will You Be Bringing Pets?
Landlords who allow pets can ask for a higher security deposit to manage damages caused by them. If you have a ‘no pet’ policy, look for a tenant who does not have one.

Q: How Long Do You Plan To Stay In This Property?
The tenant may be planning to rent your property for a month or a year. Since most landlords prefer to sign a 12 months contract, a tenant looking for a shorter stay may not be suitable. There is no point in renting the property for a few months as you will have to start the entire process all over.

Q: Do You Like The Property?
The prospective tenant should be able to let you know if he is happy with the property or if he wants to make a few changes. Make sure you ask this question before signing the lease. In case he demands for new appliances or a fresh coat of paint while you have no plans of doing it in the near future, you can search for a new tenant. It is important to make these things clear to your tenant in advance to avoid any confusion in future.

The landlord should ask the same set of questions to every tenant no matter if they appear to be on their best behavior. It will not only save time but also protect you from making bad decisions.

Tips To Winterize Your Killeen Rental Home

A well insulated home is the bare minimum requirement for tenants looking for a rental property during winters. As a landlord, you can take certain useful steps to keep your property warm in order to attract more tenants. For this purpose, a complete inspection of the house should be done to identify areas that allow cold air to enter. The roof, walls and floor may need to be examined as well as insulated. Making certain changes can help to keep the house toasty and more comfortable.

Listed below are a number of ways to keep the rental home warm during winters:

Install Thick Curtains

Heavy-weight curtains help to keep cold air from entering the house. You can use densely woven curtains made up of velvet, suede or any other thick material. To add a designer element to your rental property, you can install layered, patterned and color block curtains. Open the curtains on sunny days to let the sunlight enter the house and close them in the evening to prevent the warmth from escaping.

Check For Draughts

Draughts allow cold air to enter and heat to escape the house. This lowers the temperature indoors, increases the pressure on the heating system and causes the electricity bill to rise. Thus, to keep your rental home snug and warm during winters, you must draught-proof the house. Seal the gaps in windows, below the doors, around the switches on the walls as well as in floors. For this purpose, you can use weather stripping, door sweeps and foam.

Insulate The Walls

Install thick insulation on the walls, inside and out. It helps to prevent the cold and moisture from entering into the house, thus keeping it warmer during winters. If already insulated, check if it is thick and snug. Apart from the walls, you may also need to insulate the attic, crawlspace, ducts and garage.

Change The Furniture Placement

If your rental home has a fireplace, move the furniture closer to it. Avoid placing the beds and chairs too close to the windows as well as walls. Cover the furniture with thick blankets and cushions to keep warm and comfortable.

Cover The Floors

The flooring also tends to get quite cold during winters. You may insulate the floors by installing good quality carpets and rugs throughout the house. Thick carpets are great at trapping heat and create a significant difference during winters.

Light Up The Furnace

To keep your rental home warm as well as reduce the electricity bill, you can light up the fireplace and lower down the heating. It can keep the house toasty and snug throughout the day. Use a glass front to prevent the heat from escaping through the chimney. When not in use, cover the flue. An open fireplace may allow significant amount of cold air to enter the house. You may also need to schedule a tune-up to clean or replace the fireplace filters to improve efficiency.

Make Sure The Vents Are not Blocked

If you place your furniture in front of the radiator or vent, it may absorb most of the heat. This causes the house to heat up slowly and inefficiently. Keep some distance between the furniture and vent or change the interior setting temporarily to avoid blocking the vents.

For your radiator to work efficiently, you may place a reflective foil or simply a tin foil behind it. It will reflect back the heat into the room instead of escaping up into the air. You can also place a rack or shelf above the radiator to allow the heat to spread throughout the room. Make sure the radiator is not touching the foil or shelf.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Compared to a manual thermostat, a programmable one helps to keep the house warm consistently. It requires less time to adjust and allows the heating system to work efficiently. You can teach your tenants to program the thermostat. The heating can be set at a lower grade during the day and at a higher level during early morning and late night hours.

Follow the above mentioned tricks to make your tenants enjoy the coziness of winters in their comfortable rental home.

For more tips on winterizing your rental home in Killeen, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. You can visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542 or call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Staging Your Rental Home In Killeen, TX

Staging your rental home requires a proper strategy to attract potential tenants. The idea is to highlight the best features of the house. Homeowner must remember that nothing skips a tenant’s eye and he may have visited a number of rental properties before yours. Thus, in order to quickly rent out the home, your aim should be to popularize it through efficient maintenance and staging.

Staging a rental home includes two pre-requisites: De-clutter and Clean.

Firstly, you need to detach yourself from it. Keeping a tenant’s point of view in mind can prove to be of great help while staging. The key is to de-clutter the house of anything that is not required.

  • Having unnecessary furniture can make the house look smaller. Remove extra chairs and sofas to create more space.
  • Remove any personal items such as family photos, dirty laundry and food before the potential tenants arrive.
  • Vacuum pet hair, de-odorize the house and box up all its belongings.
  • If you have kids, pack up their toys and other stuff.
  • Clear the closets of extra linens and towels

Once you have removed the clutter, you will have a clearer idea

of all the areas that need cleaning. In order to set your property apart, staging it in an absolutely spick ‘n’ span condition will definitely work in your favor. There are certain areas that may easily get skipped during the cleaning process, hence make a list of the critical spots before you start:

  • Scrape off grime from the bathroom tiles and flooring
  • Clean the grease from kitchen hood and sink
  • Vacuum the carpet and blinds to remove the dust
  • Clean the lamp shades and other decorative items
  • Mow and level the lawn
  • Wipe and check the functioning of electrical appliances
  • Remove weeds and dead plants from the lawn

Add decor to your home

Add a finishing touch to your rental home by making a few changes.

  • Plant fresh and blossoming flowers to make the home look inviting.
  • Use bright colored cushions and vases to add a visual appeal
  • Use a particular type of furniture in every room. For example, keeping minimal furniture in a room such as a table, chair and study lamp can be apt to let the tenant know you have a mini-office in the house.
  • Placing a round center table can make moving around the house easier. Avoid setting up the furniture against the walls. Leaving sufficient space can lend a spacious look to the house.
  • Install drapes and curtains that match your walls. This gives a wholesome effect to the walls and makes the space appear bigger.

Make the necessary repairs

While it is specifically important to stage a clean and clutter-free apartment, having a few things out of order can be off-putting. It is thus necessary to make sure everything works.

  • Check the taps and shower head for leakages/water flow.
  • Make sure all the appliances are in a working condition.
  • Repair the cracked windows and creaking doors
  • Check the washer, dryer, AC and heating system.
  • Repair the hardwood flooring, fill in cracks and repaint if needed. You can also use vinyl tiles to enhance the look of your house.

Staging the house for rent requires a good marketing technique. Remember to keep the place neutral and minimal so that the tenant can make changes according to his or her needs. Go through the factors above to stage your rental home successfully.

For more home staging or property management tips for your rental home in Killeen, TX, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. You can visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542 or call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Guide To Renting A Home In Killeen

Renting a home in Killeen, TX can be a challenging task. However, conducting a proper inspection and being aware of your rights can help you make the correct decision. You can even hire a real estate agent to ease your burden and help you choose the most feasible housing option.

Listed below are a few tips which can help you rent a home in Killeen:

Scrutinize your requirements

Before beginning the search, make sure you scrutinize your requirements and chalk out a budget. This can help to narrow down your options and make the right choice. You can choose the type of property and number of bedrooms as per your preferences.

Thoroughly inspect the property:

Make sure you conduct thorough inspection of the home you are planning to rent. This can help you to be aware of the ins and outs of the property and finalize the deal accordingly.

Fire check

When you visit the property, check if it has smoke detectors and fire extinguishers. This can help to ensure your safety.

Check for plumbing issues

Make sure there are no leaky faucets and pipes in the home. In case you find any, report the issue to the landlord so that he can get them repaired before you move in.

Security features

It is very important to check the security features of the rental home. Electrical sockets should be checked to ensure safety of the family members. You can also look for CCTV cameras, nighttime lighting in your rental home. Having security arrangements in the locality can keep you safe.

Windows check

Make sure you check the windows and doors of the house before making the final deal. Open and close each window to ascertain that they are working properly. Also check the locks of the doors and windows for your safety.

Check the appliances

Before moving in, it is necessary to check the functionality of each electronic appliance. Washing machines, refrigerators, microwaves, air conditioners etc. should be in good working condition.

Inspect the exteriors

Inspecting the exteriors of the house is essential. The paint on the outer walls should not be ripping off. The lawns should be mowed and well-maintained. Also check the lighting system in the patio and driveway.

Check for signs of infestation

Before heading towards renting a property, make sure you look for signs of infestation. If the rental home has cabinets installed, you should carefully inspect them and ascertain that there are no vermins as well as bugs.

Look for cleanliness

The home you are looking for should be well-maintained and clean. It should be clutter-free and depersonalized.

Questions about tenancy

Ask the landlord about the maintenance policy for the rental home. You should know who will be responsible for repairs in case of any damage to the property. The landlord should also mention the number of guests that are allowed in the rental home.

Inspect the neighborhood and locality

Location is an important factor which should be considered while choosing a rental home. If you have kids, choose a home near schools. You can also choose the property near to your workplace to avoid inconvenience. You should inspect the neighborhood to ensure a comfortable stay during the tenancy period.

Get everything in writing

You should carefully go through the terms and conditions of the rental agreement to avoid any hassles later. If you have any particular requirements, such as pets, make sure you inform the landlord beforehand and get it in writing.  The lease should clearly mention your rights and duties. Make sure you keep one copy of the agreement with you for safety purpose.

Financial considerations

You should clearly ask the landlord about the rent and security deposit. Make sure you know what other bills are included in the rental agreement. For example the rent should be inclusive of parking charges.

If you are searching for a rental home, these tips can surely help to find the most suitable one according to your requirements.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., provide quality homes for rent in Killeen, TX. The agents provide complete assistance in renting a home. For more information, you can call at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Cleaning And Maintenance Checklist For Your Killeen Rental Home

Every property demands maintenance and rental homes, particularly, need special care to attract maximum tenants. A tenant will always look for a well maintained house and hence it becomes important for the landlord to add the needed amenities before the tenant moves.

Here is a list of things that a property owners should check before renting:

  • Kitchen. It is required to remove grease and food residue from the sinks and slabs. The microwave, oven, grill, filter and hood must be thoroughly cleaned. Make sure to remove any burnt food deposits near the burners. Stoves must be installed properly, free of gas leaks or electrical hazards. Dishwashers and garbage disposals must be in proper working condition.
  • Doors and locks. To ensure safety and security, change and/or rekey the locks. Doors should be tightly secured. Look for gaps under the doors that let the cold air in, thus increasing the electricity bill. Check the knobs and repaint the doors if required.
  • Vacuum the carpets. Before inviting prospective tenants for a property visit and/or before you finally rent it out, vacuum all the carpeted floors. Sweep and mop the non-carpeted floors. You may consider hiring professional steam cleaning to make your carpets and rugs look like new again.
  • Closets and wardrobes. The closets should be clean and empty. Make sure you get rid of the junk or leftover clothes, shoes and other knick-knacks from the previous tenants. Make sure there is no mold growth or rusting. Try to keep them clean and odorless.
  • Touch up the paint. In case of scuffs and marks on doors, windows or walls, you can clean them with a damp sponge. You can re-touch the paint to save time and for better results.
  • Check appliances, make sure they work. Thoroughly check the appliances like oven, refrigerator and AC, to make sure they are in a good working condition. In case you are unable to fix something on time, inform your tenant that you will replace, fix or upgrade them at the earliest. Refrigerators should be clean and empty, dryers and washers must be installed and working properly.
  • Maintain the furnace. In case the tenant is moving in during the colder months, it is likely he will need the furnace on the very first day. Thus, keeping the furnace ready should top the list. Fortunately, you can extend the life of the furnace by a routine maintenance. Change the filter, and have a professional take a look in case its efficiency has reduced. 
  • Clean the AC filters. As summer comes to an end, ACs should be winterized. Clean the filters and cover the exteriors to avoid dust and snow to seep in. As the ACs won’t be in use for a long time, it is best to keep them prepared for the summers.
  • Check the bathroom. Remove the mildew and soap residue collected in the corners and on the tiles. Ensure that the toilet and shower areas are clean. Sinks, tubs as well as toilets should drain quickly and make sure they do not leak. Showers and faucets must have adequate flow and pressure. Supply lines and waste lines should be properly connected.
  • Check the smoke detectors. Replace batteries in smoke detectors and remotes to ensure they are working properly.
  • Walkways. The stairs and patio must be properly leveled and should not be loose or broken. The balconies, porches and decks should also not be cracked, rotted or rusted. Wood repairs must be made if necessary. Lawns and garages should also be maintained.
  • Walls and ceilings. They should be clean and structurally sound. Check for holes, dents, loose taping, water damage and holes. Wallpapers should not be loose or torn and must be adhered to the wall.
  • Floors. Flooring of the house should also be structurally sound. Floor coverings should be clean, secure and free of holes, tears, burns as well as stains. Make sure good quality/durable coverings are used.
  • Sanitation. The property should be free from garbage. It should be noted that the area is clean and in sanitary condition. The property should not be infested with insects, pets and rodents. In case it is infested, extermination shall be done before occupying the property.
  • Electricals. Lights, lamps, switches and electrical outlets should be wired properly and safe to operate.
  • Most of the items listed above can be taken care of in a comparatively less time. While renting, it becomes imperative to ensure you present a clean and fully equipped home.

For complete property management services for your rental home in Killeen, TX, consider Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Ft Hood Housing: How To Attract The Right Tenants

Finding the right tenants is one of the biggest worries for homeowners, but a little extra effort can help you get sorted. Your dreams of achieving a low vacancy rate and securing higher rent along with quality tenants can be fulfilled. All you need to do is prioritize the concerns and requirements of your prospective tenants. Remember, you have to give them a house that they can call their ‘home’. Provide them with all amenities and features that they require in a rental home.

In order to attract trustworthy and long term tenants, you need to work on the following guidelines:

  1. Highlight to appeal. It is important to remember that your soon-to-be tenant wants to know the place as much as he can. Make sure you highlight the best features of your property. If you have a well-maintained lawn, you can give details about it. You can mention about the new dishwasher or fences installed in your home. You can even talk about the safety features such as smoke detectors, fire extinguishers, advanced locking system etc.
  2. Add photos: With the advancement of technologies, tenants have found new ways of searching their rental home.  Rental portals and MLS listing services are becoming quite popular. You can add high quality pictures and descriptions of your rental homes in various portals. This will help you attract more tenants towards your property. You can also post virtual tours to give them a better idea of your home.
  3. Promote cleanliness, clean before you brag. Cleanliness is an important factor which can attract potential tenants towards your property. Make sure the rugs are clean, kitchen is tidy and the curtains are dirt-free. Thoroughly vacuum your home before the tenants visit your property.
  4. Depersonalize your home. By personalizing your home, it becomes difficult for the tenant to envisage himself in it. That is why, it is important to depersonalize your home and remove knick-knacks, framed photographs etc. The reason being, every person has a different taste. Over the years you will have to rent out your property to many different tenants Thus, it is advised to not personalize it.
  5. Keep up with the repairs and maintenance. Make sure everything in the house is working properly. All the electrical appliances should be functional. In case of any signs of damage in the rooftop, doors, windows or any other structure, get it repaired by qualified vendors. If there are plumbing issues, get them fixed as soon as possible. This will help to cast a good impression on the potential tenants.
  6. Keep realistic demands. As a landlord, you should be updated with the real estate market. You should be aware about the ongoing rent prices. Demanding an appropriate rent can help to attract more tenants towards your property and rent it faster. Higher rent can reduce the chances of getting a good tenant for your rental home. A moderate rent can minimize your profit.
  7. Be responsive to queries: Make sure you maintain good communication with your tenant. You should be reachable to him whenever needed. If the prospective tenant has any doubts, be quick to answer them. This can increase the chances of renting your home faster.
  8. Hire a property manager. Hiring a property manager can help to reduce the vacancy rates and find quality tenants for your renal home in Ft Hood. There is a wide spectrum of jobs he can do for you:
  • Conduct thorough background checks of your prospective tenants
  • Side line the late rent payers
  • Find the right kind of tenants for your property
  • Advertise the property
  • Conduct frequent visits to the rental property
  • Handle tenant complaints

By keeping the above points in mind, you can increase the value the property and attract suitable tenants towards it. Hiring a property manager can help to keep up with maintenance and deal with all other tasks related to the rental home.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., offer a wide range of rental homes in Ft Hood. For more information about the rental services offered, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

Why Duplex Is A Better Housing Option In Ft. Hood?

If you are looking to rent or buy a home in Ft. Hood, you need to consider many aspects such as your budget, style of living and space requirements. You have an option to choose between living in an apartment or a duplex. A duplex is simply a home divided into two apartments, each having a separate entrance. Living in a duplex is a better and convenient option because of the following reasons:

  • Outdoor space: A duplex has a common outdoor space at the back as well as the front side, which may be equally partitioned between you and the other tenant. This space can be used to spend leisure time or host outdoor parties. You also have an option to maintain this space as your personal vegetable garden.
  • Affordability: Renting a duplex is cheaper as you can share the rent with other tenant living in the property. Also, you will have to pay only for electricity and gas consumed in your portion of duplex. You also don't have to pay any monthly maintenance charges that need to be paid in case you reside in an apartment.
  • Additional income option: In case you are buying a duplex, you have an option to let out one portion of your house while residing in the other one. This is possible because a duplex can be partitioned into two apartments with different entrances. In this way, you will be able to earn some money in the form of rent while residing in the same house. In case you have taken a loan for purchasing the duplex, you can easily pay off the installments with the rent received.
  • Less sharing: When residing in a duplex, you have to share less as compared to living in an apartment where you have to share all the amenities like kitchen, garage, garden and barbeque pits. In case of a duplex, you can have your own driveway, garage and many other basic amenities.
  • Personalization: In a duplex, you can personalize your portion as per your requirements and living style. A duplex is more spacious than an apartment where little can be altered or modified as per your preferences. Since a duplex also offers more privacy, it is considered as one of the best housing options in Ft. Hood.

If you are looking for a housing option in Ft. Hood, TX, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We can be reached at (254) 699 – 7003.

Features Every Fort Hood Rental Home Should Have

As a landlord, you should understand that tenants look for various features while viewing your property in Fort Hood, TX. A rental home with all the necessary amenities will definitely stand out from the crowd. It will not only help you find quality occupants but also augment the value of your rental home.

Listed below are a few features that tenants look for in a rental home:

  • Good location and neighborhood: A home with an easy access to transportation, schools, parks, shopping malls etc. is in great demand. Having a property in good location can help to reduce vacancy cycles and increase your ROI manifold.
  • Outdoor space: Having a backyard, balcony or a patio in your rental home can help your quote a premium rent. It will also attract more potential tenants towards your property. A home with a garage or dedicated parking space is also preferred by most tenants. 
  • Low crime rate: Tenants prefer to stay in a location that is safe and crime free. Your rental property should have all the security arrangements such as proper outdoor lighting, smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency exits etc.  to ensure safety of the residents.  
  • Well maintained rental home: If your property is well-maintained and equipped with the basic electronic appliances, it is likely to be occupied quickly. You can even renovate your home to improve its visual appeal. 
  • Appropriate rent: You should thoroughly research the real estate market to set an appropriate rent. Make sure the price is neither too high nor too low as it can affect the rentability of your property. 
  • Pet friendly: Most of the tenants have pets these days. So, having a pet friendly property can be beneficial as it can help to find occupants quickly.  For this, you may consider adding features like scratch-resistant flooring, easy to clean upholstery, higher fences in yard etc.
  • Other amenities: You can improve the chances of renting your property by providing a wide range of amenities for the convenience of the tenants. Modular kitchen, electrical fixtures, fireplace, extensive storage space etc. are some of the features that can improve the value of your rental home.  

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., provide a wide range of rental homes in Ft Hood. For more information about the services offered, feel free to call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

Virtual Tour Benefits For Killeen Home Owners

As a landlord, you need to promote your property effectively in order to attract maximum tenants. You have to utilize the most effective advertizing channels and determine the correct rent for your property. One of the most useful marketing tools for landlords is virtual tour. Since videos easily catch attention and generally have a higher retention rate, they can help to speed up the renting process.

In order to make a good virtual tour video, you need to use a professional camera and shoot the video in sufficient natural light. Highlight the important areas of your home along with the amenities that you intend to provide. You can also give the potential tenants a fair idea about the locality and surroundings by taking a few shots of the street and nearby houses.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of virtual tour for landlords:

  • Offers a wide exposure: A video tour offers a good amount of exposure for your rental property and can help to grab the attention of prospective tenants. When you post a virtual tour of your property in the online listings, users are able to view the home more closely and decide if they want to schedule a visit. Interested tenants can take a prompt action after watching the details of a property in the virtual tour.
  • Highlights the positive features: Making a video of your property can help you in presenting your property in a positive manner. However, you need to ensure that you show only those amenities or features which you are actually offering to the tenants. You can highlight the furnished bedroom, a well landscaped garden, contemporary kitchen etc. Video tour will also give tenants an idea about the floor plan and approximate size of each room.
  • Saving your precious time: Virtual tours help in sifting out uninterested tenants and bringing in only those who genuinely want to rent your property. This can save your time by avoiding unnecessary showings. Since a lot of information can be provided through virtual tours, the tenants who visit your property may actually be knowing what to expect inside the property when they come for actual showing or open house.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can help you create a virtual tour to rent out your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

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