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Rental Services In Killeen

Are you looking for affordable rentals in Killeen, TX? If yes, you should consult a professional rental agent in your locality for guidance on choosing the right property for your personal and financial requirements. There is a lot that goes into searching for and choosing one rental from a wide array of rentals in a location like Killeen e.g. choosing the right location, budgeting, the application process and more.

Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc.  offers a number of rental services to potential and existing tenants:

  • Online Listings: One of the best resources when looking for rental services are online listings on a reputed company’s website. These consist of valuable information pertaining to property features like size, interior descriptions, exterior descriptions, pet policies and more.
  • Viewing Properties: The company lets prospective tenants know which properties are open for viewing on its website. Customers can view up to 3 vacant properties in one go; they also provide information on check-out days and timings and other requirements for property viewing. Customers also view properties via virtual tours.
  • Property Types: The rental company offers different types of rentals in Killeen such as rental homes, duplexes, townhouses and apartments. Information about their addresses, availability, amount of rent, etc. can be found on online listings. Most of the properties are conveniently located, spacious, enjoy seamless water supply, trash disposal services, etc. Some also have features like a fireplace, balcony, breakfast bar, jetted tubs, white picket fences, wood plank floors, huge backyards and more.
  • Management Services: A major perk of renting property with a reputed rental company is that you can be rest assured your rental will be maintained and looked after properly. Every facility and amenity provided will be functional and of high quality as such companies are associated with professionals who specialize in caring for and maintaining rental properties. You can be sure to enjoy a comfortable experience while staying in such rentals.
  • Tenant Portal: Tenants can avail the convenience of quick services by joining the company’s tenant portal. Such portals are provided for making it easier for tenants to communicate their need for repairs, update contact details, view tenant ledgers, make payments, leave messages and communicate with the company’s management team, ping about emergency issues like dripping faucets, running toilets, air conditioner and heater problems and so on.
  • Other Services: Tenants enjoy a number of other benefits while living in rentals offered by well-established rental companies e.g. scheduled inspections during occupancy (to check the condition of rentals and ensure everything is in working order), e-leasing services, professional advice, industry standard leases and more.
Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. offers rental services such as online list of available properties. For more details on rental services, visit 1020 West Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX – 76542, or call at (254) 699 – 7003.

Rental Home Upgrades That Pay Off

Upgrading your rental home by getting some repair and maintenance done is a sure shot way to increase the rental property’s value. Such upgrades pay off later in the form of higher rental rates. Here are some inexpensive upgrades that will yield maximum benefits.

1. Landscaping

Hiring the services of a landscaper for improving the outer appearance of the rental property can do wonders. Some pruning and decorative touches like hanging baskets, mowing the lawn etc. will do the trick.

2. The Front Door
The front door is the first thing to catch the attention of a prospective tenant. Repaint an old door or replace it with a new one. An impressive front door makes the property look like it has been cared for.

3. Paint

This is a low cost option of instantly revving up any property. A fresh coat of paint brightens up a house making it look appealing and welcoming. Use neutral paint so that the tenants can later add colors as per their taste.

4. Upgrade Appliances
It’s good to regularly maintain appliances to keep them in good condition. However, after old tenants leave and before new ones step in, check whether any appliances need to be repaired or replaced. Appliances in working order always give a good impression and increase worth of the property.

5. Window Treatments
Replace old, worn out and outdated window treatments with new ones. It instantly lends a new and fresh look to the property, thus adding value to it.

6. Lighting
Upgrade the lighting of the house to make it look brighter and more inviting. Use soft lights in bedrooms and bright ones in the kitchen. Also clean the lighting fixtures and update broken ones.

7. Flooring
The payback on investing in new flooring is huge. You can start with single prominent rooms like the kitchen or bathroom if you are on a limited budget. Also, you can restore old floors to give them a new and clean look.

8. Kitchen Cabinets
Try repainting kitchen cabinet doors or replacing them for a new look. You can also remove the doors to convert them into open shelves.

9. Bathroom Overhaul
Revamp your bathroom with water efficient toilets and showers, change the tiles, repaint the walls, etc. An attractive, clean and modern bathroom adds value to the whole house.

10. A Dry Basement
If your home has a basement, make the necessary upgradations to keep it dry and free of damp smells. You can hire an expert to add a drywall, insulation or laminate flooring to prevent leaks and excessive moisture. Work on improving the lighting and furnishings.

For more information, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. We are located at 1020 West Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699–7003.

Photography Tips To Improve Your Rental Listings

Most of the potential tenants prefer to look at the online pictures of a property before deciding to visit it. Therefore, it becomes important to understand the impact that photographs can have on probable renters. You need not hire a professional photographer but putting up high-quality pictures in the online listings is a must.

Below are some photography tips that can help to improve your rental listings:

  • Use The Right Camera: High-quality photographs can only be taken from a good camera, so invest in one. The pictures must be clear and should be able to highlight your home’s best features. Buy a camera that has at least 5 megapixel resolution, so that your photographs come out well. Adding a tripod stand to place your camera can also assist in clicking good pictures of your rental property.
  • Tidy Up The House: Cleaning the clutter in your home before taking pictures is a must as it will add a professional touch to your photographs. Any kind of mess can distract the potential buyers from observing the actual features of the property. Try to put away all the extra items such as shoe racks, stacks of mails, tissue boxes etc. Also, make the bed, open the curtains, hide all the wires for a neat and clean look.
  • Click Pictures From Multiple Angles: Shoot all the rooms from different angles so that the potential renter can have a good idea about a specific space in your home. Take multiple shots from various positions and heights to highlight prominent features of your rental property. Don’t take too many pictures straight ahead as this can make your home appear smaller than it actually is.
  • Click Pictures In Optimum Conditions: Always highlight your rental property at its best so as to impress potential tenants. Pay attention to the light levels in your pictures as this can make or mar the photographs. For instance, avoid clicking pictures on a cloudy or rainy day as it will not display your property in the best state. Even the indoor pictures should be taken when the skies are clear and there is sufficient sunlight.
  • Take The Help Of Grids: A camera’s gridlines can be of great help while clicking pictures of the rental property. In order to get attractive photographs of your home, turn on the camera’s gridlines and try to improve the balance and perspective of every picture. This will assist you in achieving well-balanced pictures that highlight the best features.
  • Edit The Flaws: Even after taking everything into consideration, minor flaws may remain in your photographs. To rectify this, you can simply edit the pictures and crop out unnecessary area. Edit your photos to make them look appealing but stay truthful.

Prepare you home for rent with Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. To know more about the services, visit 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542 or call at (254) 699 - 7003.

Tips For First Time Landlords

Being a landlord can be a personally and financially rewarding investment. However, there are a lot of things to prepare for before you take up this new job. A well-planned strategy and complete dedication is the key to a successful renting business. In the absence of any prior experience, there are higher chances of making certain mistakes that can cost you in the long run. It is better to hire a property management company to ensure a better handling of the different aspects related to home renting.

Given below are some tips that can help first time landlords rent out their homes efficiently:

Know Your Responsibilities

Before you even plan to rent your home, you must understand and be willing to bear the responsibilities that come along. Right from advertizing your property to the potential tenants to ensuring that they stay comfortably throughout the lease duration, you need to take care of multiple aspects. You should also stay updated with the landlord-tenant laws and Fair Housing Act that prohibits you from reject any tenant on the basis of religion, race, color, nationality, disability or gender. All the laws should be followed to avoid any legal complications later on.

Buy Insurance

Another important step is to buy a home insurance policy that covers your rental property. It will help you to protect yourself against any financial liabilities in case the home gets damaged due to fire, water pipe leak, vandalism, hailstorm etc. The cost of insurance may depend upon the property’s location, type and coverage included. You can also require your tenants to buy renters insurance before moving in.

Price It Right

Setting the right price for your rental home will help to increase its demand in the market. Potential tenants may browse through the online MLS listings and compare a number of available properties to shortlist the suitable ones. If you ask for a too high or low rent, it may be perceived as a red flag and draw away the tenants. To avoid this, you should conduct an in-depth analysis of the market trends and rent of similar properties. This will help you to determine the right price for your home.

Decide The Amenities You Want To Include

Prepare a list of all the amenities that you will be providing to the tenants. These may include furniture, electrical appliances, HVAC system etc. Also decide if the monthly rent includes the maintenance and utility charges or they have to be borne by the tenants. Amenities such as Wi-Fi, cable, security alarms, well-maintained lawn etc. can help to increase the rentability of your property.

Stage Your Home

Improve the visual appearance of your rental home before inviting the potential tenants for a visit. Thoroughly clean the driveways, mow the lawn, replace rusty door knobs and steam clean the carpets. Inspect the home to see if anything needs to be repaired, such as a leaky faucets or faulty electrical fittings. Remove unnecessary furniture and include only those appliances that you intend to provide in the rental home.

Screen Tenants Properly

Renting your home to the right people is important to ensure a consistent income and keep your property well-maintained. Therefore, you should conduct proper tenant screening to evaluate of the applicant is suitable for your search criterion. Check his income, employment history, criminal background, past rental record etc. You can also get in touch with the tenant’s previous landlord to know about his general conduct and punctuality in rent payments.

Pay Attention To The Lease Agreement

The lease agreement should clearly mention all the terms and conditions to be followed by the tenant. Important details such as rent amount, security deposit, tenancy duration, pet policy, occupancy limits, maintenance liabilities etc. should be included in the contract. Also mention the due date for rent and the circumstances in which eviction procedures can be initiated. Make sure that the lease agreement is understood and duly signed by both the parties.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can help to rent your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

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