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Common Amenities Tenants Look For In A Property

Although the needs of tenants differ, but there are certain common things that make certain rental properties more desirable to them. For every landlord or property manager, it is essential to understand what common amenities tenants often look for in a property. This understanding helps them upgrade their rental units to include what the tenants value and thus, increase occupancy and get quality tenants. Here are some common amenities that tenants look for in a rental home.

  • Walk ability: While looking for a rental property, most of the people want everything at a walk able distance. People want to use their cars less, so they want everything in proximity. Be it markets, food and entertainment, their jobs, access to public transport, parks, schools, etc. So, the tenants desire any property that offers these features.
  • Updated properties: Tenants appreciate if the rental property is renovated and well equipped with all the latest features. Though tenants understand that the rental properties are pre-used, but they prefer clean and renovated properties. With so many new properties coming up in the already competent market, it is even more important to renovate the houses specially bathrooms and kitchen.
  • Dedicated parking and garages: Another facility that tenants often seek is dedicated parking spots included in the rental properties. Having garage is an additional benefit, as it eliminates any parking issues. Moreover, the tenants can use their garages as extra storage space.
  • Pet approved property: Most of the tenants have pets these days, so they seek pet-friendly properties. The landlords can charge pet deposit according to the state law to cover any damages caused by the pet.
  • Storage facilities: Tenants often have a lot of stuff, so they seek a large number of closets and extra storage space. This helps them keep their things organized and their homes clutter free. The rental homes must have ample of storage space and closets. Having a garage or a basement can be a bonus.
  • Laundry facilities: Tenants seek a rental unit with a washer and dryer so that they do not have to go out for laundry. If the washer and dryer are not there in the home, then at least there should be a coin operated laundry machine onsite.
  • Common area facilities: Tenants are ready to pay more if they get some common area facilities such as swimming pool, jogging tracks, play areas, fitness center, sports facilities for kids, and other facilities.
  • Safety: One of the most important features that tenants often seek in a rental property is safety. They want their families and belongings to be safe; therefore, they look for houses that have added safety features such as proper outdoor lighting, smoke detectors, fire alarms, emergency exits, bars on windows and quality locks on the doors, etc.

By knowing what the tenants seek, you can offer more desirable rental properties.

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