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Common Mistakes Renters Make

Searching a home for rent is not an easy task, particularly if it is your first time. It involves a lot of vigilance and carefulness on the part of the renter. Thus, it is important that you consider hiring an experienced real estate agent who can efficiently guide you throughout the process and help you avoid the common mistakes that most novice renters make.

As you start your search for your rental home or apartment in Killeen, TX, here are a few mistakes that you must avoid to make your renting experience positive.

  • Skipping renter’s insurance: Most tenants think it is the sole responsibility of the landlord to protect and maintain the entire rental property. Although it is true to some extent, however, protection of your personal belongings is not the liability of the landlord. In the event of a fire, theft, flood, or water pipeline burst, renter’s insurance will help you have coverage against the damage cause to your personal assets in the home.
  • Signing the lease without reading: This is the biggest mistake that most renters make. Signing the lease agreement without reading the terms and conditions thoroughly can lead you into serious legal trouble in the future. Make sure that the agreement has every single detail correctly mentioned in it – the duration of the period of lease, due date for rent, amount of security deposit paid, terms of eviction, clause for termination of lease etc.
  • Not checking the neighborhood: If you are planning to rent a property, you must make it a point to walk through the locality and meet the potential neighbors. Ask them about the maintenance and security of the area. You can also inquire about the crime details of the locality from the local police department.
  • Failing to document the property’s condition: When you move-in, make sure that you take the pictures of the home to have a record of its condition. You should also have the landlord sign a pre-existing damage checklist stating the type and extent of defacement present in the house. Also get a written and signed copy of any repairs that the landlord has promised to make.

If you want any assistance in searching or renting a property in Killeen, the agents at Lone Star Realty and Property Management, Inc. can help you. For more information, feel free to call at (254) 699 – 7003.

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