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Dos And Don’ts For Pet-friendly Rental Homes In Killeen

Adopting a pet comes with a major set of responsibilities, particularly if you are living in a rental home. Since pets can be a source of unwanted mess and trouble, you need to ensure they do not cause any harm to the property or your neighbors. Below are some do’s and don’ts that should be followed by tenants living in a pet-friendly rental home in Killeen, TX.


  • Adopt the correct pet: If you are still looking to adopt a pet, it is best to pay some attention to this aspect before making the final decision. For instance, do not get a dog that is large in size or aggressive in nature. Your landlord may also not approve of such a pet in his home. Therefore, buy a pet according to the guidelines laid down by your landlord.
  • Get a renter’s insurance: Getting a renter’s insurance policy helps in protecting you from any sort of damage or injuries caused by your pet. Include pet liability coverage in your insurance policy to validate that you are willingly taking up the responsibility for your pet’s behavior. This, way, your landlord will know that you are a responsible tenant who will keep the rental home properly maintained.
  • Make your home safe for the pet: Make sure the rental home is completely safe and comfortable for your pet. For example, there should be no visible wires or toxic plants that can harm the pet. The material of the floor is another consideration to be kept in mind as certain types of flooring may not be comfortable for the pet.


  • Hide anything from your landlord: Never keep a pet in your rental home if your lease agreement does not allow you to do so. Also, do not bring in prohibited pets inside the home as this is a breach of your rental contract. If you hide anything from your landlord, he has the authority to keep your security deposit or even evict you.
  • Choose a rental home not perfect for your pet: When looking for a pet-friendly rental home in Killeen, you need to find the one that suits your pet the best. Use various search tools and visit different neighborhoods to decide on your preferences.
  • Fail to clean up after your pet: Do not let your dog be a nuisance for your landlord or neighbors in any way. Make sure you clean up every time after your pet to maintain sanitation in as well as around the home.

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