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Preparing A Duplex For Rent

Before marking your duplex property as “to let”, you need to make sure whether it is ready to given on rent or not. Note down the following points which can help you prepare your duplex for rent:-

  1. Categorization- First and foremost, decide whether you want to categorize your duplex furnished or unfurnished. Be prepared to bear the damage of the furniture if you are planning to give a furnished duplex on rent. Being a landlord you may ask your tenants to pay if any damage is made to the furniture and other furnishings provided.
  2. Calculate the renovation cost- Before giving an apartment on rent, you have to make sure whether it is worth to live in or you need to renovate the same for the rental purposes and if yes how much will it cost to you. This may include mortgage payments, and costs for utilities, maintenance, repairs or any other professional needs you would be requiring.
  3. Maintenance- Next step involves the maintenance. You have to keep this in mind that if at any time your tenant approaches regarding some complaint, say for instance, a request for a plumber, electrician or a carpenter, you should be ready for the same. You must possess the contact numbers of plumbers, carpenters, and electricians or make yourself ready for any other requirement of your tenants.
  4. Security arrangements- Your duplex property should be fully equipped with security gadgets necessary.
  5. Rental estimate- You may refer to newspaper classified ads, online ads or ask other landlords to know the market and what position your duplex holds in the market.
  6. Post an ad- Once you are done with the rental estimate, you may advertize your duplex by posting an ad in local newspapers or on online rental listing.  In order to reach a large number of prospective tenants.
  7. Tenant screening- You will have to screen your tenant regarding his job, family, friends and background. You may contact his previous landlords and enquire about him and his behavior, his lifestyle etc. to be on the safer side. Make sure that the tenant does not have any criminal record.

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