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Questions To Ask When Renting A Home In Killeen

As a tenant, you need to finalize a rental property that perfectly complements your lifestyle and gives you the much desired peace of mind. The home you rent should be well-maintained, close to your workplace and have an easy access to all the basic amenities. Therefore, it is important on your part to conduct a comprehensive research before deciding on the location and specific property you want to rent.

Listed below are some questions that you need to ask when renting a home in Killeen:

What are the terms and conditions of the lease agreement?

You need to be completely sure about all the terms and conditions specified in the lease agreement. Do not hesitate in clarifying any point that you do not understand or find doubtful. Ask questions pertaining to security deposit, how it will be utilized and how much of the amount is refundable.

Can I make any changes in the interiors?

You need to check with your landlord if you will be allowed to hang personal photographs or mementoes on the walls. Also, many landlords do not allow the tenants to renovate the rental property. So, if you want to paint the walls in your preferable color, it is better to ask the landlord about it before signing the rental agreement.

Who will pay for immediate repairs?

Emergency maintenance and repair issues may arise while you are residing in the rental property. These may include, appliance breakdown, water leakage, drainage problem etc. You need to confirm from the landlord as to who will be responsible for the cost of such repairs. This should be clearly specified in the rental agreement.

What all amenities are included in the rent?

It is important to ask the landlord if all utility bills are included in the rent amount. In most of the cases, the landlord pays the water and sewerage charges. So, you need to know beforehand what all charges you are or aren’t liable to pay during the tenancy period.

Are there any additional maintenance charges?

The tenants are required to pay maintenance charges every month. However, if you have any doubts, it is best to consult your landlord and confirm about the payment of these charges. You also need to be aware about the liabilities for the payment of any major repair or maintenance work in the house.

What security measures have been installed?

You need to know what all security measures have been installed by your landlord. Check if there are CCTV cameras installed and a security guard is appointed in the locality. You can also talk to people residing in the vicinity to know about the crime rate in the area.

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