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Renting Out Your Property In Killeen & Ft Hood Tx

After investing huge amount in residential property, you might want to give it out on rent. Now the challenge is to find a decent tenant who would not only pay rent on time but also adhere to your terms and conditions of property usage. This is where we at Lone Star Realty and Property Management come into play. We are Killeen Tx based real estate and property management group who would not only do tenant search for you but also look after rental collection, maintenance, and the legal paper work involved in renting out a property. Various Property Management Services provided by us are:

  • Determine the best rental rate: We thoroughly view your property before determining its genuine rental value. We take quality pictures of the interior and exteriors of the property and would also let you know if it needs any specific repairs which can enhance rental worth.
  • Market the unit to tenants: With wide experience in Rental business in Killeen and Ft Hood areas, we have huge database of people looking for a house on rent. We also indulge in marketing activities to find tenants for your property.
  • Screen potential tenants: We also provide tenant screening service to make sure you get decent tenants as per your requirements. We meticulously check the background of tenants and let them know about your terms and conditions.
  • Legal Documentation: We assist our clients in framing up and negotiating rental lease agreements.
  • Supervise tenant move in: It would be our duty to assist tenants while moving in. We would clear all doubts of the tenants and make sure that they understand their responsibilities as tenants.
  • Rent Collection: We make sure that rent is collected on time from tenants and if there are any delays, we take the necessary actions including fine collection as per the rental contracts.
  • Inspect the property regularly: We perform regular inspections of the property to make sure that it is used as per rental lease terms. We also let property owners know if there is any requirement for maintenance of the same.
  • Supervise tenant move out: When a tenant wants to leave your rented property, we would check the unit to make sure that the locks are re-keyed and the unit is clean.

To know more about our rental and property management services, visit us at Lone Star Realty & Property Management Inc. We are located at 1020 W Jasper Dr, Killeen, TX 76542. You can also call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

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