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Tips To Winterize Your Killeen Rental Home

A well insulated home is the bare minimum requirement for tenants looking for a rental property during winters. As a landlord, you can take certain useful steps to keep your property warm in order to attract more tenants. For this purpose, a complete inspection of the house should be done to identify areas that allow cold air to enter. The roof, walls and floor may need to be examined as well as insulated. Making certain changes can help to keep the house toasty and more comfortable.

Listed below are a number of ways to keep the rental home warm during winters:

Install Thick Curtains

Heavy-weight curtains help to keep cold air from entering the house. You can use densely woven curtains made up of velvet, suede or any other thick material. To add a designer element to your rental property, you can install layered, patterned and color block curtains. Open the curtains on sunny days to let the sunlight enter the house and close them in the evening to prevent the warmth from escaping.

Check For Draughts

Draughts allow cold air to enter and heat to escape the house. This lowers the temperature indoors, increases the pressure on the heating system and causes the electricity bill to rise. Thus, to keep your rental home snug and warm during winters, you must draught-proof the house. Seal the gaps in windows, below the doors, around the switches on the walls as well as in floors. For this purpose, you can use weather stripping, door sweeps and foam.

Insulate The Walls

Install thick insulation on the walls, inside and out. It helps to prevent the cold and moisture from entering into the house, thus keeping it warmer during winters. If already insulated, check if it is thick and snug. Apart from the walls, you may also need to insulate the attic, crawlspace, ducts and garage.

Change The Furniture Placement

If your rental home has a fireplace, move the furniture closer to it. Avoid placing the beds and chairs too close to the windows as well as walls. Cover the furniture with thick blankets and cushions to keep warm and comfortable.

Cover The Floors

The flooring also tends to get quite cold during winters. You may insulate the floors by installing good quality carpets and rugs throughout the house. Thick carpets are great at trapping heat and create a significant difference during winters.

Light Up The Furnace

To keep your rental home warm as well as reduce the electricity bill, you can light up the fireplace and lower down the heating. It can keep the house toasty and snug throughout the day. Use a glass front to prevent the heat from escaping through the chimney. When not in use, cover the flue. An open fireplace may allow significant amount of cold air to enter the house. You may also need to schedule a tune-up to clean or replace the fireplace filters to improve efficiency.

Make Sure The Vents Are not Blocked

If you place your furniture in front of the radiator or vent, it may absorb most of the heat. This causes the house to heat up slowly and inefficiently. Keep some distance between the furniture and vent or change the interior setting temporarily to avoid blocking the vents.

For your radiator to work efficiently, you may place a reflective foil or simply a tin foil behind it. It will reflect back the heat into the room instead of escaping up into the air. You can also place a rack or shelf above the radiator to allow the heat to spread throughout the room. Make sure the radiator is not touching the foil or shelf.

Install A Programmable Thermostat

Compared to a manual thermostat, a programmable one helps to keep the house warm consistently. It requires less time to adjust and allows the heating system to work efficiently. You can teach your tenants to program the thermostat. The heating can be set at a lower grade during the day and at a higher level during early morning and late night hours.

Follow the above mentioned tricks to make your tenants enjoy the coziness of winters in their comfortable rental home.

For more tips on winterizing your rental home in Killeen, contact Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc. You can visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542 or call us at (254) 699 – 7003.

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