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Virtual Tour Benefits For Killeen Home Owners

As a landlord, you need to promote your property effectively in order to attract maximum tenants. You have to utilize the most effective advertizing channels and determine the correct rent for your property. One of the most useful marketing tools for landlords is virtual tour. Since videos easily catch attention and generally have a higher retention rate, they can help to speed up the renting process.

In order to make a good virtual tour video, you need to use a professional camera and shoot the video in sufficient natural light. Highlight the important areas of your home along with the amenities that you intend to provide. You can also give the potential tenants a fair idea about the locality and surroundings by taking a few shots of the street and nearby houses.

Discussed below are some of the benefits of virtual tour for landlords:

  • Offers a wide exposure: A video tour offers a good amount of exposure for your rental property and can help to grab the attention of prospective tenants. When you post a virtual tour of your property in the online listings, users are able to view the home more closely and decide if they want to schedule a visit. Interested tenants can take a prompt action after watching the details of a property in the virtual tour.
  • Highlights the positive features: Making a video of your property can help you in presenting your property in a positive manner. However, you need to ensure that you show only those amenities or features which you are actually offering to the tenants. You can highlight the furnished bedroom, a well landscaped garden, contemporary kitchen etc. Video tour will also give tenants an idea about the floor plan and approximate size of each room.
  • Saving your precious time: Virtual tours help in sifting out uninterested tenants and bringing in only those who genuinely want to rent your property. This can save your time by avoiding unnecessary showings. Since a lot of information can be provided through virtual tours, the tenants who visit your property may actually be knowing what to expect inside the property when they come for actual showing or open house.

We, at Lone Star Realty & Property Management, Inc., can help you create a virtual tour to rent out your home in Killeen, TX. For more information, you can call us at (254) 699 – 7003 or visit our office at 1020 W Jasper Drive, Killeen, TX 76542.

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